How to ride rollers on a track bike – getting started #getcyclefit

In this video, I show you how to get on to rollers and get started.If you’re new to riding rollers, it’s easiest if you put them next to a wall or in a doorway so that you can rest an elbow or a shoulder against something.

Riding rollers is a great way of warming up for a race and is a good way of learning to pedal smoothly. Remember to look ahead, rather than staring down at your front wheel!


Milad Ne says:

I built my own rollers, and it feels like a 5% gradient.

Tomasz Sz says:

Hi, how noisy are these rollers comparing to Tracx “Blue” trainers?

Jeronimo Garcia says:

No morning ???

Mark Ballance says:

Well done.

63fixed says:

Awesome work Juliet, you’ve got a new subscriber 🙂

Eric Perkins says:

just got my galaxia yesterday and stayed on for my 2 min test run, but the noise was extreme.  probably will ride with earbuds and led zeppelin.

iREVIEWitALL says:

Thx for sharing great tip

dperique says:

Thanks for showing us how to get on with just one wall. I see so many videos of folks doing this in a doorway; but I don’t have a doorway I can keep my rollers across. Mine will be in the basement with one pole on the right (as you have a wall). I’m a little apprehensive about using my clip in cleats as this will be my first time (rollers will be delivered in a few days). Getting off looks like falling and catching yourself with your left foot. I think I can deal with that. Thanks again.

rico de guzman says:

now, just out of curiosity, how do you unclip prior to stopping if you were riding a track bike under normal circumstances? I ride geared road bikes so I’m just baffled as to how people unclip while coming to a stop (not on a trainer) when riding a fixed gear track bike. 🙂 you did well. I tried riding a friend’s track bike and the whole fixed gear just throws me off.. I was able to ride it, just felt out of my element.

Mat G says:

I was like, hey I seen her before, I then saw your name and it all came back to me, you were on the GCN training session I did yesterday! Cheers!

TheTedster says:

I had some big metal ones, should have kept them they weren’t half as loud as these plastic ones, and you could get rare turn of speed on them.

simclap says:

Hey! Great video! Question for you: About the noise/vibrations, if we are in an appartment, is it bad?

Mollie Kintyre says:

Take a tip from a veteran roller-user…

Put maximum pressure in your tyres (or a bit more if you dare) and have the support on the side you get on the bike. That way, you can get on the bike, in the saddle, peddling and properly balanced before letting go of the support, and it feels more natural. Getting off is also safer and easier.

EliteFurret says:

sooo noisy

ddd543 says:

Good Job!

Martin Brutenic says:

Bob Cusp??
Girl is nice yeahh but look body,,ist so stupid girl horribly tatto

Bill Evans says:

Which model Tacx is this you have? I am thinking about buying the Galaxia. Any views? Thanks.

Rookie Lock says:

is this only possible with a trackbike? or do people also use Mountian/cross country bikes on rollers?

Юрий Гроссман says:

The best and the most usefull video about how to properly get on/off rollers. And definitely Juliet is very very very nice. Thanks!

George Ramos says:

sounds good mate

Alpz says:

Those rollers are super loud!!

HEAVYWALL 70 says:

Great video, I’ve recently purchased rollers to train during bad weather. I’ve ridden them quite well in the past but now I am much heavier and Clumsy is across understatement regarding my riding. Thanks for the “arm slide” idea, look forward to getting to roll everyday.

Lorenzo Fornari says:

i rulli sono da lubrificare prima di usarli!!!! non senti che casino fanno?

Fraser V says:

your off your head bet your neighbors or flaties love when you workout have you ever bailed

Binnikov Cawa says:

ей можно вдуть только за то что у нее акуенный ковер=)

노빠구픽도 says:


Charles Gray-Paetkau says:

Bars and size??? Thank ya!

mgsboedmisodpc2 says:

rollers I have and have the worst balance …able to do maybe 2 minutes before losing balance ..I like how racers like you ride rollers before your racing instead of a more stable Stationary Bike Trainers as I have seen TDF riders do before stages

Soner Yaz says:

You have to change the tires to make a lot of noise

The Review says:

i jus watched your 6 stair set!!!. your a gangster girl

سلطان الشلاحي says:


Camille Raneem says:

Jeez you make that look easy. My boyfriend keeps bugging me to learn rollers because he’s too scared to teach himself. Bigger you are, harder you fall I guess.

Darkfoxlol says:

Too noisy WTF

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