Men’s Omnium – Elimination Race – 2016 UCI Track Cycling World Championships

March 04, 2016 – London, Great Britain


fredy gaviria salazar says:


ernst haft says:

this dosnt counts… its just 4 the show!

Matt says:

Watch the guy in the orange top. He falls gets injured bad and still keeps up with the rest of the riders for very long 🙂 He is my personal hero for this race!!

Derrick Orton says:

Fantastic video, many thanks indeed, loved it.

Mauricio del rio says:

Es curioso ver que todos los atletas van sentados practicamente sobre la punta del asiento mientras la industria y el diseño hacen enormes inversiones para crear asientos donde los huesos debla cadera vayan vitalmente apollados atras …

Joshua Boyd says:

I really need to find a video that explains the various races that happen on these types of tracks. As of now I don’t really understand anything that they are doing other than trying to go fast.

Gabriel Hernán Halaixt Buitrago says:

Dificilísima competencia; en la que hay que estar entre los cuatro primeros de principio a fin.

Gabriel Hernán Halaixt Buitrago says:

Competencia; para no olvidar, por haber sido con los grandes y quedando para la historia de nuestra Bandera

saleem waheed says:

The race was great but the end was awful.

JonathanJumper says:

Colombia in da house!!

North Owl says:

good race

David Nguyen says:

Nice to see Cavendish on the track

Tupperware says:

Out of curiosity, if one of the crashed riders had gone on to win it, would there have been foul-play allegations? AKA they got a solid 30 seconds rest compared to the rest of the field

Jeff Otieno says:

elimination race: “anybody can get it”

Mārtiņš Jirgensons says:


marcel84 says:

USA was the FIRST person eliminated?! I wanted to stop the race but I didn’t. Good race!

wallrusteddy says:

so why did the German guy give up?

안지훈 says:

3:40 KOR 한국 사람나옴

bu bu says:


Juan Farias says:

q carreron’!

TheUnderdog says:

so what happens when someone falls ? how do they get back into the race?

John Doe says:

If they eliminate the rider in the back then wouldn’t it be beneficial to start the race in the middle? Since its also harder to keep the lead because of wind resistance

Guille Nitrox says:

Colombian guy is a machine Espectacular Race !

George Gilles says:

That was a spectacular race.

ColeYote says:

You think they’d make the jerseys a little thicker if crashing is *that* nasty on your skin.

Gabriel Hernán Halaixt Buitrago says:

Hermoso escenario, digno de eventos internacionales. Lo que se necesita
en Antioquia; pero NO en él área metropolitana, por no haber espacio y por
la altura, que no sirve para tiempos y logros . Digno de copiar, por los peraltes,
la madera y lo cubierto, para negarle a los vientos interceder. Allí: se aprende a
dominar la máquina

Tv민호 says:


Antoine Morin-Prévost says:

Orange 29 dude has massive willpower, never give up !

노빠구픽도 says:


Aiaiaii z says:

Kluge fucked cavendishes chances of wining.. 😀 Cuz he was concentrateing on Kluge .. nice. I like this sport.

Ed J says:


The God Effect says:

Devil takes the hind most…..another name of this awesome event

Black SOUL says:

Минский трэк?

jay w says:

You can see Cav is crying…

Varun Maharaj says:

Varun Maharaj should’ve qualified for the World Cup,he only missed by 1 point

John Davis says:

Wow… I didn’t know this existed. I like it!!!

Braeden Allen says:

I love nascar an stuff an this shits badass

Johny Bravo says:

Excellent video, thanks mate.
So this guy Gavira is the one who everybody is talking about… impressive.
I saw him the first time @ the Tour of Britain winning a stage without a leading train and defeating a bunch of old dingoes including Griepel.
Without a doubt Ettix has the best sprinters.
I reckon the duel of the future will be between Caleb Ewan and this guy.

Andria Davis says:


marcelo shirata says:


applesoranges says:

The fnish camera angle si fucking stupid. Useless. Someone needs to be fired

arklat says:

Gaviria rode a smart race, and he is obviously very fit.
You know, when I was racing on the track, this event was my favorite. I was good at it too. Funny thing, nobody I raced with, or I ever saw, made serious breakaway attempts. Even though I was a road racer also, I never tried to lap the field, like in points races.

Jorge Hernan Suarez Suarez says:

colombia the best

ludo a says:

Thomas Boudat was supposed to win the mini sprint vs the dutch one. But he should have been eliminated on the previous one. Bad arbitration.

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