Motobecane Fixie Cafe CF Product Review Commute Bike Blogger

My product review and demonstration of the Motobecene Fixie Cafe CF bike while bicycle commuting to work in the winter.

I think raising the saddle and flipping the stem may fit me better but we’ll see.

Future upgrades may include changing the saddle, handlebars, tires and tubes, and eventually the crank and wheelset.

For the full specs on my Moto bicycle check out my website here

Check out my Bike Build Assembly playlist for all the videos showing how to assemble and build up this boxed bike here

I mentioned that I could flip my stem. More info in my blog post here:

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BikeBlogger says:

@Dean Fazil Most of my bikes have carbon forks because I think having less weight up front makes the handling feel livelier, but I know many people swear by steel and how well it flexes and absorbs vibration. Carbon absorbs vibration too, but doesn’t flex as much. Aluminum is generally the harshest ride but is capable of the most power transfer, and consequently tends to stress riders on long treks; I know many bicycle tourists ride steel bikes. It is not easy to compare one material to another because they all come in varying qualities at different price points. My Motobecane Fixie Cafe CF has been holding up very well. I do notice a difference in quality between my steel road bike and the Motobecane, but my steel road bike also cost more than the Motobecane. For the price point I would recommend the Motobecane for sure.

B M says:

How’s this bike holding up after all these years. What’s your average speed on it?

BM says:

I’m considering getting a fixed wheel bike from BD but not sure cause I have a few hills I hit on the way to work. So was thinking to grab something with gears instead but I like how clean a single speed bike looks. Is it really hard to deal with single speed bike as a commuter? you say you do around 22mph right.

DaylightDigital says:

I’ll be getting this model in Orange if it’s ever back in stock…

Chris Vandernaald says:

Was the cog and chain ring 3/32? I’ve always just run 3/32 components on my fixie.

Miguel Maciel says:

What do you think about this bike for me? I’m 6’1 240 I know nothing about bikes lol my work is 3 miles away so I’m trying to get into cycling. Or what other new bike do you recommend?

Tech Mundane says:

Just bought the white model with steel forks at bikes direct. Can’t wait for it to get here. Your channel was instrumental in my decision to try out single speed riding. Keep it up!


What’s your mic setup like. Exact details please. Sounds great!

Patrick Driscoll says:

cameras u use

sky anonymous says:

you dont need brakes if its fixed gear and u have clip peddles

BM says:

how many miles you do to work one way?

Elvies Rios Avillan says:

IMO. keep the handle bars , better control . Bull horns , if you do alot climbs in your commute . Good video !

substance says:

I have a totally flat commute, but I still like having gears over a SS. I converted the front to a single 42T chain ring and removed the front derailleur and cabling. I have a 7-speed Shimano freewheel in the back with a Shimano Claris derailleur. It shifts like butter and works perfect for my needs.

gotryce2 says:

Hey dude great video! Just wanted your opinion, I’m 5’7 and was wondering if i should go 52 or 54cm? i saw the sizing and 52 ends at 5’7 54 starts at 5’7.

RBastien says:

Do you do other cycling than commuting?

sky anonymous says:

get rid of the heavy handle bars and brakes ull drop 5 pounds

Jon Kim says:

i just bought this and put it together. i haven’t made any modifications but i have a few questions. when i pedal, i hear a clanking noise, i think you mentioned it, did you manage to fix it? also when i have it on my stand and i’m reversing the pedals, it’s like i can feel each notch of the gears, not very smooth, is this normal? (first fixie). thanks in advance

Gary Sellars says:

Only problem with this bike is the bars. Lack of options for hand positions can kinda give you sore hands sometimes if you’re on the bike for long rides. Having drop bars or bull bars you can hold the ends of the bars or the middle and give your hands a break.

BikeBlogger says:

@ChrisMFlorida No, the bike came with a 1/8″ chain, chainring, freewheel, fixed cog. I replaced it with a 3/32″ drivetrain because all my other bikes are 3/32″. BTW I can’t directly reply to your comments. Check your Google plus settings (see youtube videos on how to do that).

Joe Galvan says:

Hello! I ordered this bike last week and there was a small dent on the seatstay. I’m curious if you think this is a safety issue and if your frame arrived in similar condition. My biggest reservation is that the frame is aluminum… so it may be a little less forgiving than steel.

Pics of the damage:

I’m leaning towards returning the bike, but I’m gathering opinions. Thank you sir!

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