Jackson Bradshaw and Chase Davis build up their new Constantine frames with help of Flynn Cyclery.
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Camera: Jackson Bradshaw, Evan Service, Chase Davis, Wes Brown
Edit: Jackson Bradshaw


KrissKyle says:

suh dude

Pedal Strokes says:


k y s says:

why does chase dabs everytime

evilCRR says:

is that an NS Soda 2013? @10.27

starfishboy - says:

do a fish and chips tutorial!

Kumpel Blase says:

your german is good as my english XD

Abdul Mueez Ilhan Suzairi says:

Number of the aluminium means how got it is typically most brand will go for 6061

Alex says:

Evan is star of the show

노빡구픽도 says:


Jonas Wong says:

that dabbing dude is so awkard

Stef Fix says:

Nice bikes, nice video….but whats with the german?

Skylan Tabone says:

just a question  what does FOAD mean?

david baz says:

wat is the name of those handlebars on the grey bike

Jake Bueler says:

straps are clips. lol

Du Sevi Seve says:

some people are just very attractive…

이제현 says:


Murt says:

Whats with that dude that constantly dabs.

channel something says:

those bikes look dope this video makes me want to go out a buy a fixed gear right now

Jan Bautista says:

🙁 B E A U T Y / /

TYSN says:

Intro been lit

flxgreen says:

Those are really beautiful frames , anyone willing to give a free frame .

Isa Norazmi says:

i also want to get sponsored by Constantine

양현민 says:


dicked wasteman says:

guys are gonna blow up fast

Connor Powell says:

Nice vid btw I’m from UK

유이안 says:

good life!!!!

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