New Bike Impressions: 2014 Street Triple R Track Review

Here are my first track riding impressions of the Triumph Street Triple R. For more advice and to pick up your FREE track riding Ebook, head here…


I recently bought a Triumph Street Triple R to replace my dedicated Honda CBR1000RR track bike. I recently got to take it on the track for the first time and in this video I go over my thoughts on the bike and how my first experience went. Here’s my Street Triple R review.


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Nureldin Afif says:

Is this the same bp for sport bike or different? Can you make some video about proper bp for naked bike thanks alots.

MarJay1980 says:

I’ve just had a pair of Rosso Corsa III’s fitted to my 2009 Street Triple R. I also had the fuelling and suspension set up by T3 racing. I strongly recommend allowing them to do a custom map for the bike, and let them put the correct weight fork springs in for your weight and riding style. It makes a massive difference. I don’t use my ST3 on the track, preferring to stick to my CBR600RR, but I agree with everything you said here, it’s tons of fun!

With regard to the brakes, I suggest you clean the pistons as a sticking piston might result in juddering. If it is this, and you leave it too long it can do permanent damage to the disc, and you’ll need to buy a pair of new ones.

Brenton Goodsell says:

The fact that you enjoyed this track day so much on a much less powerful machine speaks volumes for those of us on similar equipment. I love taking my 2015 BMW R1200R to Phillip Island. I’m always garaged with much more powerful bikes. And thats cool. But I have just as much fun as those guys. Fantastic Vid mate

Brett Mo says:

The shuddering in the lever might be that you hadn’t turned your ABS off before you went out?

Jake Sisler says:

I’ve been riding my 2014 ST3R on the track for 4 years, and 13 track days, since it was new. It easily keeps me at mid/upper intermediate pace! The DRC tires that came on this bike when new I have stuck with and never had a slippery feel. A great all around bike for riding, road or track! However, i bought a used 2007 ZX6R for trackdays now, so the Striple gets to enjoy the roads ^_^

Joseph Salemi says:

Hi Dan, do you have rear sets? I am looking for a pair on my RS. Your going to love your new bike. I don’t remember saying this but I am 2sec. faster on my son’s GSXR-750. Riding canyons for now until track opens
again in Southern Cal. Enjoy your new bike.

Alex Brazier says:

Was this 28th June with no limits? I was there too in the novice group, trying out some of your tips.

Paul Mp says:

After devouring everything on your YouTube channel I finally went for my first track day on a 2011 Street Triple at Snetterton. I could obviously not keep up with the big bikes on the straights but I’m pleased with my “performance”. Tried to apply as many advices from your videos as I could. I’d appreciate a quick look and maybe some improvement tips.


sportmuaythai says:

I have the 765 RS, and concur. I’m keeping it stock.

AgentsOfproduction says:

Nice one Dan. Look forward to hearing more on the rosso corsa 2’s. I’ve opted for these as first track tyres I can use on the road occasionally also in the belief that they’ll be more than up to the job.

Just out of interest. At which point do you look at tyres used on the track when you think it’s time for changing? Be good to hear you thoughts on this And how many days you might expect to get out of the rosso 2’s for example…many thanks

James Dean says:

Couldn’t agree more – power is good but poise is better – I love my 675 and had a fantastic day at Oulton yesterday upsetting litre bikes. My brakes are stock and worked perfectly so hopefully your is just down to pads. The great thing is I also commute on it and do tours with the lads – a real all rounder.

veers0r says:

Did you have enough ground clearance left on the street triple? I occasionaly ended up on the footrests on mine (or the toe depending on the foot position). Looking forward to your review of the rosso corsa 2 might put them on for the street/track bike too. 🙂

Derek says:

I’m selling a ’13 Street Triple R to get a ’09-’16 zx6r 600 for track use only. I don’t enjoy riding on the street anymore 🙁

RiddleRides says:

This is so weird! Coming sunday i’m gonna pick up my new bike! A second hand striple r from 2014! (gray one tho) BUT it has the exact same tires! What are the odds?!

elfspicer says:

Hi Dan, I too ride a 2014 Street triple R on road and track. Awesome machine for both. You mentioned swapping out the brake pads for a more track focused pad. Which ones are you going to use. I’ve been recommended the SBS Race Sintered 627RS, any thoughts on those?

Richie Rich says:

The Rosso Corsa II tyres look sensational. Can’t wait to get a set.

David Lockhart says:

I have very much enjoyed racing my 675 Daytona, but it looks like for a variety reasons my racing days are nearing their end.  I’m seriously thinking of a Tuono for a do everything play bike.    The naked sportsbikes seem like a pretty reasonable retirement ride where I could come out and play at the track when I need my fix.

Steve Medved says:

How do you manage to corner hard but higher bars?? I hate that modern sloping forward sports bike seat, got my ZX-10R’s seat “flattened” a bit and wow what a difference! Nice bike Dan.

Mark Purser says:

I just swapped out an 06 Zxr for a ST RX. Quite a change. Love the character and flexibility of the Triumph. Will take an evening session at Brands before the end of the summer, it’s my local track. Look so much fun!

Michael Lee says:

Nice one Dan, having exact same thoughts with an XSR900

Jay C says:

Great vid mate

brasletti says:

I used the same tyres on track and cannot agree more – they are so good!

MaMamsYo says:

I have an 2015 MT09 with upgraded suspension and it’s a hell load of fun. I’ve only done Cadwell park but it feels real good.

I ride it with more of a MX style body position more upright pulling on the bars than hanging off.

964tractorboy says:

Top quality ramble. Thanks.

MrFrzZ says:

Oddly enough, I’m considering this for my next street bike (the new Street Triple 765, Speed triple, and Monster 821 are my top three considerations) My wiffe has a Scrambler 62, and It’s really only happy if you’re running it like a race bike and ripping on it everywhere you go. That’s why I am a little concerned about the Duc 821. I want something with good torque and something I can comfortably ride on the street and occasionally take on the track. Do you still have your R6?

Radwan Ghazi Moumneh says:

very insightful!

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