The day before RedHookCrit Brooklyn. Check out my new fixed gear race bike from 8bar.


The Legend of the Three Yates Brothers (By Niels Heldens):

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Eoin Kelly says:

I would like to build a fixie with drops. Yes I said BUILD, through sites like donedeal and gumtree.

I would love to get any tips ie what to look fore in a frame and *cant remember the name; (I think it’s called a locknut) and sprocket sizes

robotjonjoe says:

11 speed chain on a fixed gear?!?! How is it compared to a single speed chain? Which will last longer?

Estéfano Vechietti says:


Can you tell us about what they did in your custom handlebar? I’ve been looking do something like this on mine. Thanks a lot. Love your channel.

前ちゃん says:

This bike is very cool.

Keith Denny says:

graet vid guys whats the tracklist lol

Till Ritzmann says:

does anyone know where i could buy thise bar inserts?

pinsboy says:

fucking ride the thing and stop talking about it

Elbastardo Gonzalez says:

So would that frame be more the geometry of a road criterium bike ? Or inbetween a track and road frame? So i mean would a road frame with track adjustable rear lugs for fixie be better than a straight track bike for fixie crits?

GABRIEL r says:

I realy like that bike can i have it?

Shafiq Roslin says:

I subcribed and this is my first video i am watching from your channel

Albi Æmler says:

Aluminum is for beer cans , not for bike frames!!!

cullen says:

What hat are you wearing ? I love the look

Ricardo Fuentes says:

7 minutes in to get to the videos title xD youtubers

Leon Hanke says:

Whats the name of the song @4:37?

BIKE KM 100 PRESSA says:

Pelo o que vejo lá fora as pessoas gostam mais de bike fica que no Brasil

釈迦釈迦ポテト says:


Kaden Goh says:

wish i could get a fixed gear bike

Birk Kromann says:

Can anyone elaborate on the 11 speed chain. Why is more silent?

1337uberH4x says:

fucking hipstars

caxco93 says:

gosh do you ever show the bike?

Official Hello says:

How many teeth of crank do you use ?

MOVA Cycling says:

Love what you do!

Rene Lager says:

the handlebar is so sick ! Which insert do you use ? I would kill for those …. 😀

Vans Off The Wall says:

i love videos like this. hanging out at bike shops and around the city. good stuff mate

PurpleDreams says:

How much is it?

날치 says:

8:11 What this is bike name?

74kjohnson says:

Fixed gear bicycles are popular in the West Indies. The immigrants that migrated to Brooklyn in 70s and 80s and London brought them to the states and U.K.

nam Okay_ says:

I saw 8bar team at korea crit race king of track

Jose Rodriguez says:

Where can i get those handle bars?

bigbensb 2 says:

Fuk fixed gear

Мышблив says:

oooh i want the same fixie

vhien santos says:


beex com says:

How much is it ?

Мишка Надрочена Шишка says:

Ебать копать

ShiiMi SPLiTZer says:

What’s that handlebar? Looks cool, i want it

Cole Lemmenes says:

does anyone know what the banger song is at 4:40?

MOVA Cycling says:

Francis, my name is Roland, CEO of MOVA. I am an entrepreneur working to better the lives of urban commuters.

I would love to send you one of our jacket so you can ride your bicycle with it! It’s designed for urban commuters & was funded on Kickstarter. You will love it.

What size are you?

Love your way to communicate with us on YouTube, keep on the great job.

r4P says:

Spidey = Queens
Cap = Brooklyn

Andrew MacIntyre says:

video starts at 7:17

Chubsss says:

Is it okay to put bakes on fixie?


Give me your bike please i dont have a bike i wanna wish a fixed race bike

Till Ritzmann says:

does anybody know where I could buy those inserts for handlebars?

Osley says:

how much it weighs

Crispin Bayudan says:

What is the ratio of that bike?

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