New Kid on the Block | All-City Big Block Fixed Gear Bike Check

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It’s no secret that I love All-City’s bikes. They’re functional, beautiful, and for what they are, they come at an affordable price. The 2017 All-City Big Block is certainly a nice steel track bike. Check this one out!


58cm 2017 All-City Big Block

Contact Points
Handlebars: FSA Vero/Cinelli Calleido/Tektro R340
Stem: Thomson 100mm 10 Degrees
Pedals: Fyxation Gates/Tramp Straps
Saddle/Seatpost: Charge Spoon/Soma Zero Setback

SRAM Omnium/48T Factory Five Lattice
15T & 17T EAI Deluxe Cog
KMC Z410

H+Son Archetype X Sealed Formula Hubs
R: 28c Continental Gator Skin
Fr: 25c Continental Grand Prix 4000

Jimmy Fontanez; Media Right Productions – “Feel the Funk”
Kevin MacLeod – “Back on Track-Latinesque”

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Juan Pablo Ramirez says:

Great video Zach, the white background gives it a very professional and high quality look. Keep up the good work.

Griff Barton says:

nice ride. Makes me want switch my thunderdrome in for a big block!

vitamincisgoodforme says:

standard or custom paint job?

John Dye says:

Love my BB

Oleh Lemishka says:

Am I blind or is it Origin 8 hub and not a Formula? 3:38 let me know

Nick Adams says:

Nice bike but the finish on those adonized rims wont last forever

Matthew Martinez says:

hey guys, i bought some used mks pedals with all city plastic cages. i thought it would be an upgrade to my straps , but my foot always slips out when i try to skid. please is there anything that i can do because it was a pain in the ass switching pedals

Christian Vogt says:

why is there a second Brakelever when there is only one Brake?

Bruce Wolny II says:

Love the bike review videos. Keep them coming.

Yaboystaylit says:

Im new to the fixie thing , whats a dropout

Jason Li says:

Hey Zach I was wondering if I were to get brakes, would you say front brakes are better or back brakes?

F3udF1st says:

Doesn’t need to slam it but at least flip it, that just looks ridiculous.

DennyG. says:

please make a video trying mtb

Fin C says:

Do Aventon Bikes

Mikey Likesit says:

This bike is so dope. Need this frame in my life

JiNx says:

When you record when riding you seriously needa fix the shaking cos it’s kinda annoying but I love your vids anyway.

Joshua Brown says:


JohnReviewer112 says:

can’t slam a stem? Your excuse better be you damaged your back. Otherwise you are just aren’t cyclist enough to get more flexible. Literally just need to stretch every night and you can drop a whole 1cm in like a month…

littlegoobie says:

hmmm. great bike with some nice parts. I’ve gotta say though, that seems like a lot of bike for Formula hubs, they only stick out because they kinda don’t belong given the level of the other components.

Shippalrus says:

what is that drum hi-hat I hear in the background?

Jason Bogue says:

I typically slam my stems because that’s how I prefer them, but I can’t stand people who don’t like builds just because the stems not slammed. Just ignorance in my opinion.

Benny says:

Nup. Flip the stem and slam it! Remove those brake levers too! wow… how can you do that to a bike?

TheChange Icon says:

I need your help to buy a bike,please respond back!

Bike Swank Gang says:

Im totaly gonna build a bike almost like this with a few changes

Juan Lara says:

You should check out the evil the chamois Davis jr

Matt Sezer says:

I never like the look of fixed gears with hoods and levers. It’s like an identity crisis: a track bike that wants to be a road bike or vice versa. Having to have a dummy leaver just proves that the bike doesn’t know what to do with itself. Parts are all great, but the whole isn’t greater than the sum at least in my opinion.

Dr Dredd Man of Mystery says:

Beautiful bike!

Steffen Stengård Villadsen says:

Please cover the bearings of hubs. They are sealed, but nut that sealed

The Alamo Rider says:

Nice bike!

anthony mcmorris says:

Yo dude next time your in midtown you should ride with my friends and i

Isaiah Pineda says:

I’m 14 and i wanted to ride my bike to and from a summer camp it’s only about 8.8 miles one way but my mom said no because o have to take big streets and it’s not on the best side of town so here I am telling my story otw to that summer camp on a bus(btw riding my bike is about 30% faster than the bus) thx mom

Ariel Caro says:

im mad i wanted it but it sold out of my size fuck

Pablo Hernandez says:

what do you think about Throne Bicycles?

Moritz Koopmann says:

whoo, thats sexy
P.s.: Nice video like always

Ray Clavijo says:

What ever did happen to your all city? Asking to see if u sold it

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