Rare 1980’s Somec Track Bike | Fixed Gear Bike Check

When it comes to track bikes, nothing quite satisfies the eyes like vintage Italian steel. Somec produced only a handful of fixed gear frames between the 1980’s-1990’s making this bike a rare beauty. Feast your eyes upon this rare Somec in this fixed gear bike check.
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Parts list:

1980’s Somec Track

Cinelli track drops
Cinelli Alter stem
Selle San Marco Rolls saddle
Gipiemme seatpost
Suntour Superbe Pro pedals/All-City nylon toe clips/VP double straps

Suntour Superbe Pro crankset
Sugino 75 chainring 48T
Suntour Superbe Pro 16T

Campagnolo Omega V Hardox rims
Suntour Superbe Pro hubs

U.S. Army Blues: “Kelli’s Number”

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The Oliver Pickard says:

Hi Zach how about a bike check on the beautiful colnago ?, yes I like gears but in my defence last Sunday I rode 130miles through the mountains of Andalusia on my 7speed otero and yes I will submit it to your scrutiny if your interested

madcuzbad says:

What’s the appeal of a fixed gear vs a variable gear?

Katherine Almonte says:

Zach, is your channel going to be okay?

Moritz Koopmann says:

will you Show the pictures or do we have to send you the bike?

hugo fok says:

Thoughts on mud guards?

KrissKyle says:

That Colnago is gorgeous, sadly not a fixed gear so we’ll never get a bike check…

Sam HODGETTS says:

I like that stem

Vince Lacuarin says:

Hey Zach!
How do you clean your All-City bike?
My frame is hi-tensile too and I just wipe it with a rag to clean it from dust and things.

Robert Trageser says:

Whats even worse is that stem! The front of the bike is the 1st thing I look at

Matthew Dezii says:

Can I submit a single speed?

A S T R O says:

extremely fine bike; has cheap ol’ chain. Change that chain and it’ll be perfect!

PusdienlaikaŠovs says:

Yo I got the exact same saddle omao

John Paul Pardo says:

Very nice…

BIGD_OTheVegan says:

the Colnago at the end>>>>>

brian lucero says:

the more I watch Zach’s videos the more I feel like a Fixie fool for riding aluminum :c

Total Control says:

Very sexy indeed.

Jayce Infinite Al'gharhythmns says:

Your videos are actually really great!!! Thanks for this!

Arikuzo says:

what about a pedalroom link instead of just pictures of my bike?

Victor E Flores Hots says:

good luck with 48x16t and no rear break (1 skid patch) The bike is beautiful though

Mike Woods says:

Zach–LOVE the idea about your Fixie Points show. Sounds amusing.
Also, I’m sure you are aware of them, but I’m getting into the Red Hook Crit videos and Olympic track racing stuff. Keep up the great work!

Guy Wheatley says:

sorry but im back with another question. i changed my mind and its now between the cinelli pista or the cinelli mash bolt 2.0. what do you think of these bikes and as a video suggestion you could do the best bikes for everyprice category like 100-200 and up. i watch every video and love all of them thanks.

Luciano Narno says:

That stem is super cool but not on that bike. -4 fixie points.

hunter amparan says:

hi I was wondering what do you think about atir fixies

Danny Nguyen says:

Oscars bike lmao i was with him and arron

Mung Mane says:

Are you on “fixed gear NYC” Facebook page

Martinzvlogs says:

hey you guys and zach if you read this im having a fixie giveaway on my channel and i would love any support and shares much appreciated ! also its a oure fix and i know zach has bagged on them before lol

TheELITECrew says:

are zycle fixies any good

ivin collin says:

what bike rack do you use?

Matt Sezer says:

I also have a 1980’s Italian Track Bike with Columbus steel. Overall, I love it, but what’s nice about this bike over mine is that it has clearance for wider tires in the front. Mine can barely fit 23s!

Shin HoFF says:

eww no fun. And no play with it. strong review but. that bike makes me sick

jpeters02043 says:

Super bee

max denger says:

what do you think about the shimano alfine S501 crankset? for 80 bucks you get a hollowtech2 crankset with 42,7mm chainline including the bb and shimano hollowtech is way better than GXP. it is known.

richard carr says:

ITS AN AWESOME CLASSIC BIKE just like my 85 miyatta AND LETS see what you look like in 30 yrs or more …..

MacAwesome says:

you got a fan from the Philippines! thank you for all the awesome videos, sir! keep em coming!

Mikko Immonen says:

Cool video again! I don’t want to be rude, but dude you should check the black mole under your eye. I know someone who had similar and it was melanoma!

MoistMango says:

Somebody help I’m thinking of getting a Zycle Fix Prime and was wondering if they hold up well

Jacopo Palamidese says:

Hey Zach what do you think about Quella bikes?

Victor E Flores Hots says:

good luck with 48x16t and no rear break (1 skid patch) The bike is beautiful though

Ben Azoulay says:

Hey Zach! love the bike checks! “superbe” is the French word for “superb” so it’s pronounced “supairbe”

Ross Davenport says:

could you do a review of the specialized langster?

Biker Manny says:

you should keep doing bike checks

Shamser Muzafar says:

you already did a vid on 3-5 spokes, how about cover rim/disc whatever you wanna call it

Beards and Bikes says:

That stem literally destroys everything that bike is going for.

Also if I send a photo of my road bike with the Derailleur edited out would you review it?

Freddie Calderon says:

too bad i stay in Laredo

Peter Piper says:

Yes indeed… bikes are “pretty things!”

David Evans says:

Don’t get me wrong I love your videos but I died a little bit when I heard Gee-pee-emm seat post. Love your vids still

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