Review of 3 bicycle GPS trackers TK102B+ bike light GPS tracker Aliexpress

Links to purchase at the best price I’ve found on Aliexpress so far are:
Tracker 1: (hidden bicycle tracker)

Tracker 2: (bike tail light)

Tracker 3: (most affordable option)


Serbian Traveler says:

This is worse review ever… I mean sorry there was no review! I really hoped to hear for someone with experience with this that their bike got stolen and they found it with this devices…

Adriel MUtopia says:

Time to catch ’em bad guys. Bad boys bad boys. What you gonna do what you gonna do when they come for you.

Fino Deligero says:

any update with bike gps? my bikes got stolen so many times already, 3 of those worth $800+ probably 7-8 bike got stolen already.

Erik says:

Not much of a review. More of a overview. These devices have a gsm tracker. Thats something you have to pay for on a month to month? How much?

Freddy Eduardo Alcazar Barrientos says:

Thanks for rhe vid man!!!!

solarflow 99 says:

These are all 2G devices and they don’t work in the US. Don’t buy it.

Mc Jcg says:

My bike got stolen Saturday and I will get a GPS for my next bike or maybe for a bait bike to catch the Thief thank you for the video that head tube GPS looks awesome

solarflow 99 says:

These all use 2G which you can’t get a working SIM for anymore. completely useless

NightDriver says:


Jason Rasmussen says:

I’d love to have a evil slimey POS thief arrested. It would make it worth my time to send the police to the bike thief’s house.

Solx says:

last week end i had my 4th bike stolen in a year and a half. can not afford to keep buying bikes. i am going to have the police set up a bait bike in my yard now. and get my 4 bikes back that way.

smaldavid says:

I liked this video.

JJ J says:

Good tips but you didn’t say how they work etc

eLJaybud says:

Those are my reviews… except there was no review.

Tony Jones says:

If you can spend $800 plus on a bike then spend the money on a tracker!

WillyDragonBlue says:

The first is useless, batteries lose charge quickly, you must pay a membership that does not cover the whole world, and require a very exclusive from Chinese chip, sorry folks but I have two of those and only lasted one month.
I recommend spending a little more and you certify that runs away from the country of origin.

Ben K says:

Lmao im here because i think my parents put a tracker in my bike

seeamerica1 says:

Which one did you finally buy? Can that last one be recharged?

Scott Allen says:

So for the light you just need to rip it off and toss it. How can they work on 2G in North America?

Suke Xu says:

hi dear ,we have many 3G gps trackers now, want to send some samples for your review if you are interested in?

gearlock trinity says:

Thanks for the video. I’m looking around online and not much is out there and what is out there is expensive. I’m thinking that first one you showed would be perfect, nice and hidden but the reviews on the link are rough.

Johan De Pauw says:

Hi,The links are not working any more. Can you update or give a product name. Thanks!

patrick M says:

Well done, thanks for your help.

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