Review: Surly Wednesday (Borrowed Bike Review!)

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In this video I review the Surly Wednesday. I take it on some snowy single track. Is this the bike for you? Find out!

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DrDrew1979 says:


Rick Etter says:

Very nice reviews but as you know it takes something away when you’re criticizing things but admitting your evaluation is not on the proper size….( these size 10 shoes are too small for my size 12 feet, but they’tr probably comfortable!) Still love your site and continue to support.

Henrywildeberry says:

A self proclaimed bike geek, I think you make great videos! In a way, it’s good Surly hasn’t responded. This means we get *closer (with an asterisk) to an unpersuaded or unbiased opinion. I wonder sometimes if the Surly, Soma, VO, et. al are less inclined to provide bikes for review simply because they tend to fall under the low budget/price bike offerings category? Perhaps, offering up the lowest prices on these bikes comes at a significantly reduced marketing budget? Either way, what I have come to realize with all these brands is you have to choose the one that has the tradeoff you are willing to live with in order to save a few thousand dollars you would need to pay for a higher end bike. Whether the decision comes down to disc brakes/cantilevers, 4130 chromoly/Reynolds 853, lugged vs welded, heavy/light, etc. there is always a compromise. In the end though are you having fun? If not, you’re not doing it right, as my neighbor once said. 

*I’m sure you still have some sort of bias because it’s your friends shop and he/she clearly put in the effort to give you a sweet version of this bike. Paul brakes, Chris King Headset! That said, I feel you were being honest and objective giving it a fair review in spite of the Brooks Saddle, Nitto Bars, and the sweet racks and bags;)

eric moss says:

These are truly useful reviews. Even if the situation isn’t ideal (e.g. bike too large), you do a good job of not overstating pros and cons. So many reviews are ‘this is great, this is new, this is carbon, this is red, this is rad’, that their sameness leaves me in the same place I was before the review.

Medium Rick says:

I’ve got a Wednesday that fits me properly.  It handles quite well on the trail.  I don’t have all the extras for my daily rides so it’s also a fair bit lighter.

Alexander Rigda says:

At the end of the video you were talking about getting more folks to help with bike promotion/reviews etc. I was on Salsa’s website recently and was just browsing and noticed you were on their team of sponsored riders. A) how’d you swing that B) is there anyway to receive additional product form them for reviews? 3) does crossing over with brands effect your relationship with Salsa? – just curious. thanks for the videos.

Seth May says:

I do love my Wednesday a whole lot. I through a shock on the front and it’s a fun single track bikepacking rig.

John Bicycle says:

A balanced review. Thank you.

Michael Zerinskas says:

Hey Russ! Generally love your reviews, but found this one questionable. I certainly don’t mind reviewing bikes that do not have stock components (real world experience), but not testing the size meant for your and then giving posting a comprehensive review ( with comparisons to other bikes even) even with asterisks is not helpful to anyone that may be in the market for the bike. Just my opinion. Keep up the good work though; killer interview with Matt from Crust.

Moy MacGill says:

Hey and if you are Oregon sick then come to CG south of Eugene to ride some Surly’s :-(0)

Parker Dickin says:

HEY!! Does anyone know where I can get that SUPPLE sticker that is in the background for the first little bit of the video?

Austin L. Wright says:

Come to Chicago and do a review of my ECR.

Alex says:

Does it have a derailleur hanger or is the derailleur directly attached to the frame?

Moy MacGill says:

Surly Bikes I have a ECR and live in in a community that is Surly influenced a lot!!! I pay attention to PLP and would appreciate helping him in helping us thanks and go 29 27.5 just a’nt there!

Craig Emenaker says:

I have the same head tube angle and fork on my Surly Big Fat Dummy: .  I find the steering kind of floppy on mine, too.  I have ridden mountain tandems for years, and it feels like the trendy slack head tube angle is the culprit to me (I had one tandem with the same steering annoyance).  For a go-really-fast bike, I get the slack angle.  For a tighter-steering bike, I think a steeper head tube angle would be better.  My $0.02…worth what you paid for it.  I’d be curious to see a follow-up on the steering consideration if you can get your hands on a small frame that fits better.

mrbadguysan says:

I’ve got a Wednesday. AMA!

James Kitchell says:

Have you looked in to recomebent bikes,trikes or quads ????

Stephen Morton says:

named after Wednesday Addams?
she was surly in her way.

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