Specialized Transition TT – Old & Cool – BikemanforU Bike Check

An older all-carbon track bike with an internal cable problem was a troublesome fix for YouTube’s guru of bicycle repair.

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comedyman112 says:

How much would a bike like this cost?

masso45able says:

nice bike. I just bought an old Cannondale H400

Joseph-Denis Noël says:

I don’t like this kind of carbon’s bike. they break easily..I only have old and vintage bicycles and all are solid like a tank. my road bike is an old C.C.M and i’m satisfied. oh, i had a specialise ( chromoly ) , I sold it.. l like my steel bikes..

Soundafek says:

10 year old bike, it looks great. Way better than my walgoose.

Brad Richards says:

Super nice bike. Quality all the way. Thanks, Bikeman.

Will Hall says:

Good looking bike. I’m so glad you guys finally got that cable to route correctly.

Joe crosson says:

Bikeman good job replacing hard to thread cables I am sure it took a lot of brain storming and research. A very nice bike but very specialized lol

Carloswithac says:

Yay, for regular videos!

coolcamaro12 says:

Good job bringing the normal video format back..looks great and its the bread and butter of the channel along with the live show 🙂

Row Nu says:

aero spoke rims and yellow tubies would look sweet

Alan C says:

That was a good bike check BM.

Lee Bridgwater says:

great video and what a bike. nice one thanks top boy

TK says:

Keep up doing these bike checks!

MotorheadRedo says:

I guess routing the cables through the frame give it a cleaner look and make it more aerodynamic, but what a pain to replace a cable when it stops working correctly.

kris reed says:

looking forward to the live show on saturday man

Steve Sulkowski says:

nice ride!

Joey C says:

These are gorgeous bikes! Bought mine new in 2009 just like that one. Had the front mech outer cable stuck in the frame, took a lot of work to get it out. Plenty of tweaks needed with these to look after them but they are quick. Customised mine a lot recently to get it ready for another long distance triathlon. With a bike fit this feels like you are running effortlessly, beyond riding. The most recent tweak is new front brake with side pull to lower the handlebars further as the centre pull is poor feel and restricts the stem height. They were crafty with this bike. 1 inch steerer so most of the spacers available dont fit! Makes a nice slim front end though…

ik04 says:

What an incredibly stupid frame design…

Paul Fafard says:

Keep the short videos coming, I like them better than the longer live shows, I can choose what I want to keep up on that way.

Anthony Melendy says:

Awesome ! I like your bike check videos . I like seeing the ones on older bikes just as much as new bikes .
One of my favorite bike check videos was the one on the Giant OCR orange and silver touring bike .. Another was the video on the Pashley bike .

marko jovičić says:

First like and first view.

Sandbag1300 says:

But Bikeman, it is a Transition bicycle. Does that not mean that it can transition from fresh to salt water?

Sweetbutterflykripperino says:

Cool bike.
Big time 😛

Euan Tommy says:

An Access door that isn’t very Accessible, what a start to internal threaded O_o

RyansuBike says:

Hey bikeman I have an early 1970’s Torpado Alpha old steel 10 speed where the rear brake cable is internally routed through the top tube rather than the more traditional along the top. Not as fancy pants as the Specialized Transition but the earliest bike I have seen with an internally routed cable

gnarki111 says:

More of this!!! I think you will notice that your older videos that were filmed in this manner have a lot more views!
Don’t forget to put a specific thumbnail too ;p

MC ME says:

Yes these are the vids we want! Haha

Felix Ortega says:

More regular videos! Cheers, BMFU !

Don Peyote215 says:

great filming quality guys only so much security cameras can do way to switch it up

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