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Mistr České republiky v cyklistice 2014
Czech republic champion in cycling 2014

Mistr České republiky v cyklistice 2015
Czech republic champion in cycling 2015

TJ Favorit Brno

AutoPalace Brno

Jori Hulkkonen – Crowd, Get Ready To Be Jammed


Panasonic GH2
GoPro 3
GoPro 3+

Panasonic 20mm
Panasonic 7-14mm
Panasonic 14-42mm
Panasonic 35-100mm
Konica Hexanon 50mm

Glidecam HD-2000
Vanguard Alta 203AP
Manfrotto MT190 TRIPOD
Manfrotto MVH502 HEAD


Harris Galijatovic says:

if you all are saying this is fake than your retarded. Pro track cyclist can sprint at 80 kilometers and hour without drafting behind a car. When he is going behind the car, there is no wind resistance to slow him down. so he could easily go 100 kilometers an hour

GordonBloomfeld says:

this is the second slowest bike drafting i have ever seen, thank u, thumbs up, no wait, thumbs down…

Jeerka says:

To je tak sestříháné, že z toho videa mám prd 😀 …

Fabio Augusto says:

drag though

Will Eriksson says:

alright get sponsored by a car dealership, check. make a dubious video wih click bait title, check. create compelling content woth watching….no.
this is a better commercial for how small the cars are than anything

chalapathi raju says:

I love cycles

bbglas007 says:

some of the best sprinters can hit 72- 73 km an hour without drafting (a car) in a velodrome. I was expecting a bit more. Perhaps cos im always drafting trucks in the road anyways

Leo says:

is fake because not showing the speed

lupe mora says:

What’s his ratio

Misan tropo says:

i have a better idea

tie a chain to the car and the bycicle, then floor it

lolotex1 says:

like !

welp says:

i keep asking on every video with that color red, what flipping color of red is that. No one responds. It’s not regular red because my bike doesn’t look like that

Mattie Wright says:


Krokodile 55 says:

Fake because mazdas cant do more than 20

ymxctrails says:

There’s a guy that did about 95 Kilometres in an hour on a track unassisted (no drafting). It was with a recumbent. Much faster than with a upright bike.

Kristof Lux says:


dan dandan says:

If you used a honda you would have got 200 kmh

anda hoy says:

what gear combination ?

A. Gamer says:

is that a fixie?

Erykah Blue says:

Deluded bike riders thinking their pros.

Its easy to pretend on a bike.

푸들이 says:

haibike its good bike

サイバーマグナム says:


arthur asparela says:


ShutUp&Njoy says:

Bruh he’s catching the car’s slipstream that makes it waaayy easier for him; not even talking shit, just the fair truth. Doing it naturaly without purposely blocking air resistance for the cyclist with a sedan would make him not pedal past 55 if not 50 mph, and that’s if he has the stamina to not give up giving such heavy force for so long. Trust, the fastest I’ve gone is 47.6mph down a stretched steep hill (54:15 Gear Ratio) the speed woble is some scary shit.

martyn mcflay says:

Fake !!!!!!

peter renner says:

do a barrel roll

Sandyvero Garduño says:

Siento que te gano

윤다원 says:

I want to know the name of frame and wheel sets

普羅民 says:

One word cool

Roberto Meneses says:

fake.en cuba yo lo hacia con una bicicleta china a esa misma velocidad detrás de los camiones

Leo says:

is fake

Ojunior Xavier says:

i cant find that track Haibike listed anywhere, is it a prototype?

Altimis Nuel says:

He could get killed . . . look at 1:17 onward >,>

Jason Nicklaus says:

drafting -_-

anonymous says:

Fake!! because he’s using electric bike!

Romie says:

1:18 ups

Mauricio U says:

100 kmph car in a velo fake

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