State Bicycle Co Black Label V2 – FULL REVIEW


Black Label V2 –

LOCATION – Bournemouth Velodrome, UK

SONY RX100mk3
Apeman GoPro type thing

INSTAGRAM: @63fixed


ratoneJR says:

who is this review for?

Revolt 20 says:

Nice review!

Dan Stevenson says:

Forks how about the seat stay?

Nohope says:

Looking at the bikes you said you went for the 55, I’m 5/10 would you recommend the same size

State Bicycle Co. says:

Thanks for publishing the review – great information! To clarify a few small details. The CNC process actually is a process that allows us to cut out a more complex design/pattern out of a single piece of aluminum. This allows the crank to be stronger / lighter. The Black Label crank is higher-end that the “molded” cranks you’d see on other bikes and much lighter as well. Cost incidentally, is higher with the CNC’d machining process. As for the tires, you’re correct that 28c should clear and maybe 32c depending on the brand. Saddles are definitely personal preference, hope you can continue to enjoy it, customize it, and make it your own!

Bruce Chastain says:

It does look hot and that matters, thanks for posting the review

Tom Tavener says:

Hey man great vid, I’d recommend you going for either a 15t cog on the rear or if that’s not the right gear for you go for a 49×17 combo. 48×16 only has one skid patch so you’ll wear through tyres unevenly and more often if you do gnarly skidz

Rocky says:

Will this bike good for a 25km commute?

Bruce Chastain says:

Cool that ya have access to a velodrome, is it just open to use for anyone?

mészáros zoltán says:


Stevey TeeVee says:

It’s not a bad bike at all, nice complete. Price is right in line with the Aventon Mataro 2018, I think that one goes for a bit cheaper at $589. If you’re looking at buying the Black Label the Mataro might be worth taking a look at also. Comes in a little lighter at 17lbs too, just a suggestion. Both seem pretty nice for the money, the State CX bikes look sick too.

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