State Bicycle Co. | Undefeated x Rattle Snake Edition | DAN Fixed Gear

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BOD Troppus says:

Ilove Your Videos!!!!

Quynh Nguyen says:

Bao nhiu thế ạ

giaphu Nguyen says:

Xe đẹp quá chú Cường


la bici heee!!! jajaja!!

Bong Bong says:

ang ganda

Tronie Nguyễn Khải says:

khung phuộc state nhiu v add

Joseph Dawson says:

that polished coper look just highlights those unsightly welds. Such an expensive frame, I would expect way better. Goes to show that your just paying for them to put “State” on the frame.

Mynard John says:

dude please can’t I have your old body of your fixed gear please I wish

Max Powers says:

If i wanted a bike made by you guys where should i go? Also love the great vids

Hung Ngo says:

nhà nội em gần nè

Andrew Do says:

an cuc du ma cho de

Khoa Dang Nguyen says:

quá chuẩn

Jhon B says:


cottler β says:

Where your branched I’ll visit

Matthew Mckinnon says:

Although its a aluminum frame so the seatpost wont seize if you dont grease it, the pedals will… You should have greased both and make sure the seat is flat and tighten the cog and lockring, if I saw someone put a bike together like that they wouldn’t be working at the shop.

Margarita Martinez. Martinez says:


long tran says:

ad ơi tiệm mình ở đâu ấy nhỉ

Hollywood sire says:

u guys r clean n fast now I build my own bikes big fan of the 8bar u guys made me like that one particular

Black Zero Boy Gamer says:

giá bao nhiêu vậy ạ

Bo Moneymaker says:

Quá đẹp anh ơi

Surachat Aumram says:


José Estigarribia says:

bike color?

Blank Blank says:

Can it carry a big man weighing 120 kilos like me?

최세준 says:


david w pinkston says:

that fork angle looks like it would make for a harsh ride.

Ardrei Gaming says:

Build some Ave Maldea

Tôi yêu Fixed gear says:

chiec nay mac tien lam ko a

Eric Kim says:

How much?

tài lê says:

Anh có bán riêng bộ phận ko anh nếu có thì cho em hỏi giđông cổ sừng dê bao nhiêu ạ



elrat1234 says:

Grease your posts and pedals!

Isaiah Pineda says:

bike comes with top of the range cardboard disc wheels for maximum aerodynamics

Emmanuel Montes says:

beautiful setup with the omnis and pedals! <3

Angel Of Death says:


Peter Lywa says:

What is the price of that toy?

Đại Nguyễn Quang says:

xe đẹp quá

Peeano Latumahina says:

Outstanding! one by one! ♥

joe rioux says:

Road handlebars to go with road Bike geometry. $600 for a frame? I can go down a list of about a dozen other frames the same price that blow these out of the water.

Nate Wayne1 says:

i love her style of dressing very sexy

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