State Bicycle Co. – Undefeated

The State Bicycle Co. – Undefeated is a 7005 Aluminum Track Bike with Full Carbon Fiber Fork and intergrated FSA Headset. This race ready machine feature SRAM Omnium Cranks standard. We’ve partnered with Ritchey Components on the cockpit and seat post.

See it for yourself here:

Rider: Bryan “B-Hard” Harding
Shot and Edited in Chicago by Dylan Opet
Music: Nosaj Thing – “Fog”


Reid M says:

Should’ve rode with the bullhorns

coolcamaro12 says:

runs a stop sign at 1:30 ;-;

Jai Kumar says:

This advert isn’t too good

Estevan Cuevas says:


awesome tires says:

Fat wheel fixie

Dante Vasquez says:

The name of the song is Fog I forget the artist

Paco Resendiz says:

Cual es el nombre de la canción ?

Code Monkey says:

Nosaj Thing was a good choice. ;D

Juan Suchilt says:

bitch i ride huffy

Eastsidedirtykid says:

this guy inspires me to ride

George Gilles says:


Joseph Ramirez says:

love it

Jided Loyt says:

Que bicicleta mas bonita 

Stephen Pokorski says:

Why don’t you ever post any race edits? you have these riders compete but we never see anything from it.

Leroi H says:

langsters still better (: and omniums are shit dura-ace #100

Sensei X says:

1:32 , he runs a stop sign, just saying :3

raynal beads says:

Getting this bike today just waiting on ups to drop it off -_-

Video-Revo says:

Eatin hella poutine
Dope bike by the way. I like the colors. Makes me think of laser tag haha

Joshuabrutl says:

This was in Chicago ,dope

sershiio daniel says:

Muy bueno el video

sirplus says:

Got it!!!

Briluvr says:

Looks so amazing! Saving up

awesome tires says:

I’d rather have a mongoose

Jeremy Oliver says:

decent, but id get american classic 420s on that yung b

EliteFurret says:

seriously, the bike isnt too small for real road cycling??
is it just a commute bike?
because the frame os realy small compare to a road bike frame dimension.

Jose Liera says:


1994DUCKIE says:

Finally!!!! 😀 gonna save up another 200$ and I’m good to buy the frameset 😀

Steven Bowman says:

Aayyyy Chicago my home!

Joe Blow says:

I rather have a Schwin

purplefryer1987 says:

what wheels are on the undefeated are they nolable cheap ones im after 50mm rims for my fixie cheers

Blahblah says:

Nice bikes fun to ride, but they sure got the shittiest service iv’e ever come across..

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