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“Maple Leaf Rag” by E’s Jammy Jams

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Welcome to Fixie Points: the show where you all send in your trash builds in a pathetic attempt to earn social validation through arbitrarily awarded Fixie Points. In this episode, we’ll harshly judge 5 tarck bikes, that is, a type of fixed gear build that wannabe track racers build and optimize for the velodrome but never actually ride on the velodrome.

Fixie Points is satire. A lot of people in the fixed gear scene take their bikes, and worse, other people’s bikes too seriously, and it gets in the way of acting like a decent human being. As long as you like your bike and you like riding your bike, that’s all that matters. Don’t let strangers’ opinions on the internet get in the way of enjoying your bike to the fullest.

Bikes included in this installment of judging fixed gear builds:
1) Grimm’s All-City Thunderdome
2) Eric’s Heavy Pedal Axiom
3) Liam’s IRO “New York Messenger”
4) Alessandro’s Dodici Gara
5) Peter’s Bianchi Super Pista


Eli German says:

A good mic is like 40 dollars u bafoon. sell your bartape and buy one.

littlegoobie says:

Hhaha. don’t know where it came from but my head did the turntable needle scraping across the record sound when bike 3 came out.

wrenne d'angleterre says:

Not sure about the homophobic ‘humour’ 5:59

Dana Williamson says:

I live for these videos. <3

Alex MkvTurbo says:

Bro y is the audio so crap? Like mentioned by another guy, I’ll still watch and I’m subbed but dude you could get good audio recording from an iPhone what is wrong with that lav ? Do you even listen to the video while you edit?

Chris Lovell says:

I understand you’re having audio recording problems but even exported this with mono over stereo would solve quite a few problems. If you want any help with your audio set up, recording or post hit me up.

broccoli Sneeze says:

Honestly I’m rolling. This is so funny Zach. Please keep doing this show, I’m gonna submit but I don’t have a real camera.

EatRideGrow says:

Don’t feel the need to point out it’s satire. People are either idiots or they’re not.
Bike 1: CUT YOUR STEERER. 40mm of spacers under a neg stem = Mega DERP…. and yeah freewheel with only a front brake SMH
Bike 2: Zach, that stem ain’t slammed. Tension your chain (a bit).
Bike 3: Perfection
Bike 4: Bro, you a biiiiiiiig Italian
Bike 5: Zach nailed it. Obvs.

Brian Cullen says:

The sound though 🙁

Richard King says:

OMG enough Maple Leaf Rag already.

Modehfyable says:

whats a good fixie bike chain, i need a new chain and i got an aventon cordoba


2:54 I thought that was a nice bike until I saw this sin… *WHY?!?!?*

Rafael Delfino says:

Zach is the type of guy to make you feel bad of your 2500 dollar fixie

Ian R says:

The sound is so messed up 😀 if you could rate it. I would say its similar to 360p quality – But the video is still great

Leonard Wallstein says:

I thought the singlespeed looked the best

ultimaetsolder says:

Wow. Worst audio I’ve ever heard on YT.

Allen Mejia says:

I want my fixed to be roasted. How to join in this showdown Zach?

supernova1976 says:

Fixie your audio 🙂

Le Rhone Alexander Phoenix says:

Come on bro! You are better than this. This production was bad quality and you know it. You should have never uploaded this.

Pedro Goss says:

Too caught up in rating these shit ass fixed gear bikes to hear the quality of this audio

Joshua Glaßner says:

the all Italian works for me the most, nice vid !

Mark Thomson says:

lol… that was the most savage roast yet.. although admittedly some of them needed roasting… in fact, to be fair, they really need melting down and making into something else… what happened to the fluffy mic cover…? Great work Zac and congrats to the winner… 🙂

greg ortega says:

the smart ass snarky reviewer thing has been done before. even homer simpson did it when he became a food reviewer. this makes me see zach as fake & unlikable

Hubert Gajewski says:

I want to see Zach to roast his all city, it is a perfect bike to be roasted. (I like the build, however it isnt getting a lot of fixie points :D)

Miodrag says:

whats up with the audio?

zoomjoo says:

your color grading is way off dude.. please fix use auto.. anything is better than this.

Jesus Garza says:

Aquafresh lol

whocaressmyname says:

It would be cool to see a conversion fixie point show lol

Andrew Do says:

The zipp disc wheel is cracked under the sticker,I talked to the old owner

A K says:

Man, I’m really digging the critical carpet bombing reviews! It’s like your testosterone levels have sky rocketed into the stratosphere! You’re the Tony Soprano of fixed gear now. This is kickass, highly enjoyable 🙂

Modehfyable says:

any of ya know the bike chain thats on the first bike?

Pena Muuri says:

atleast last one was nice

KLUNKER 714 says:


VoLtShOT says:


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