The rain bike – vintage steel road bike review

We all have a back up bike. Mine is a vintage tange steel road bike fro 1983. From the Swedish bike brand Mustang. In this video I review my rain bike aka my vintage steel road bike. I bought it back in 2007 with all its original parts on. The groupset was a shimano aero ax and I have most of the parts in my garage still.

The current setup is a mix of campagnolo parts and a suntour back derrailleur. The gearing is far from perfect due to this 🙂 and I don’t think I would be aloud to ride the eroica with it.

The wheels are my campagnolo shamal ultrawith veloflex 25c master tires.

looking forward to chatting with and learning from you in the comments section below.

Strava route:
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Dany Gomes says:

How was the carbon frame broken?

Takira Sharikane says:

My one is an Bob Jackson 1969 in metallic light blue ,
Dura Ace group set first generation ,
Porn bike !

Dennis Estrada says:

I’m riding a 1985 Schwinn Tempo mutt bike as my backup. It uses a modern 2×10 compact drivetrain with an 11×32 cogset. The rear derailleur is a Shimano 9 speed XT. The front derailleur is a Shimano 105. It still shifts with old Shimano 600 friction downtube shifters.

I—Theist says:

I have a Austrian made 1968 Sears and Roe buck 3 speed. But my main bike is a Specialized Sirrus.

Dominijk Catalan says:

Ive been saving on may daily allowance to build my classic steel rb frame here but it seems that rb parts at components are more costly than my regular 26” bike.

Takira Sharikane says:

I got a Bob Jackson 1970, in metallic sky blue with Dura Ace fist generation group set
Mavic open pro rims , clement tyres , cinelli black dot stem and turbo saddle , shimano 600 aero seat post , and I love it !
I use it for committing training touring , fast chasing gangs you name it and I prefer it more than my racing machine actually !

C L says:

My rain steel bike, a Peugeot Cologne from the 90s, became my only road bike. I changed many parts and absolutely love it! I sold my carbon bike as I’m not feeling like I need a race bike at the moment. For the money I got myself a Kona Sutra Ltd. “monster cross bike”. It’s all I need.
Cheers, Chris

Jbird Perez says:

That’s all I prefer .. is steel … they roll great . Performs just as good as a carbon

blipco5 says:

Steel. I wouldn’t take a CF bike if you gave it to me.

colonforsecs says:

eddy merckx seems to think carbon is over rated, and i agree.

Nick Adams says:

I ride a Colnago Superissimo with updated groupset.

VanWarg says:

Nice bygge! Jag hade en likadan modell innan. Hur gjorde du med kabeldragnings problemet då det inte finns färsten för moderna växlar på down tuben och chainstayet?

Midnight Blues says:

I ride a 1989 Bosomworth roadbike

Martin Lennon says:

I have a crescent fashionline from 1980s that I got from a gubbe who retired from cycling due to a health problem, he sold it to me for 200kr ( he had done 3 or 4 vattern races on it )… I have used it for about 15000km, I mostly use steel bikes but I have a eddy merckx replica aluminum frame bike, but since it is always raining here in Blekinge, I use the steel bikes instead! I love your mustang, totally cool!

toro64xxx says:

Dude put back that Shimano ax aero group one more thing steel bikes are not sluggish the rider is.

sandydenny lives says:

I’ve got a modern steel bike with chorus with zero wobble, and a steel hybrid with no wobble ment either. How lucky is that.

kervilou says:

pijo steel frame

Cjango Freeman says:

Cool looking. Try to sell your Shimano aero kit on eBay. Some buyers love them. How tall are you?

Jeff Olstad says:

Not sure I have a main bike or a rain bike. I have 7 bikes and counting. I have an aluminum Kawahara Impulse that is supposed to be my main bike but I ride it in the rain anyway. I rinse it down and give the machinery a quick lube every time I ride. I have an aluminum Schwinn 240-DSA for backup. 2 Steel Apollo 12 speed Road bikes from the 80’s. A Steel Norco and a generic, mountain bikes. An old Steel Supercycle 12 speed Road bike I’m converting to an Urban rider. It will be 18 speed when I’m done. I don’t know if it is a passion or a curse. My collection has kind of morphed over the last 1 1/2 years. I don’t have any fancy Campagnolo’s or Cannondale’s. No Titanium or Carbon as yet. I think I will sell a few in the spring. Make room for more projects. 😉

That 70's Schwinn Vintage Bike Channel says:

Classic frame geometry

D.H. MOON says:

I bought a used steel bike for about $140 two month ago. It’s a kind of winter bike. But I found myself being into it. Though it’s a cheap bike, it’s butterly smooth, works perfectly for winter commuting, and of low maintenance. Best value!

ReneeNme says:

My rain bike is a 80’s Miyata 912 with a Shimano 600 Biopace groupset. Though I’ll ride it in wet weather, I still try my best to avoid any standing water. Why ?? Because it’s a helluva bicycle and one of the most trusted steeds in my stable.

Matt Sezer says:

My back up bike I actually ride more than my main bike because I use it for commuting. It’s a steel Fuji Track fixed gear with a geometry that’s kind of a mix between a road bike and a track bike. I also have a steel Bianchi Campione, but at least now, it’s not in ridable condition.

Josué Vázquez says:

hello theorem Ive always ridden mountain bike and now I reconstructed an old steel road bike. Im afraid that for long distances ill feel the difference in weight, what are your thoughts about it? have a great day

Pat Brown says:

My daily is an 84 Colnago Saronni – campi mirage / shimano integra. My beater is a 73 Raleigh Super Course II – original owner
British steal frame with French hardware Hurette, Mavic , classic high flanged hubs – replaced the crank years ago. Love that bike!

yard sale cycles says:

mid 80’s park pre made out of tang with mix shimano group set

Jacob Wallingford says:

I use either a 1×7 90s Trek MTB or a Steve Bauer road bike setup with 7 speed “shimergo” as my crappy weather bike. That bike is great. Love the Aero tubes.

Chunky Lee Jones says: “Love your Ole Mustang…..:)

ponck sup says:

My main bike is a 1978 steel frame Benotto, and I love it.

Maksym Yermak says:

I have bike from 80`s – Nishiki Trim Mater, also Tange frame tube. I love it. It`s really comfortable (and speed =) bike.

James Bowser says:

Nishiki European edition Olympic with Dura Ace group. My weather bike is a a 750 Trek Multi-Track hybrid with Altus group 3 ring bio pace 21 speed or a Fuji Suncrest 21 speed mountain bike with a XL 500 exage group.

Sills71 says:

carbon bike is dead but steel bike that is decades older is still ticking…. nice.

Matthew Toh says:

I would like to get a new coat of paint and actually use it for local race

Fred Bogdon says:

I have vintage bikes for every day of the week, +1. Because I don’t always ride one route under one weather condition. As a bonus, I got all my bikes for the price of one of those really expensive carbon doberdabbers.

this is the wolf says:

my rain bike is an old portuguese steel frame, 351, 1980’s probably, Mavico Sado, in a similar green to your mustang (profile pic). its a single.speed cheap convert, 52×20 i think. 23c on front, 28 on back, and bullhorns. oh and it has internal routing wich is great as its kind a cx bike. can go up to 32c and still fit mudguards so its pretty versatil. my roadie is still a 531, but it an early try at aero frames, barely fits 23c, shimano 600 tricolor group set on super champion wheels.

xMrsmileyfacex says:

Steel is real! Carbon breaks and cant be fixed without compromising the strength of the frame.

Guero Rodriguez says:

A Fuji grand tourer I found trashed outside of a Burger King, bike has exceeded expectations, a firm yet elegant feeling to riding it, racing brakes, and a single speed,

Guy Kronqvist says:

I’ve got a Rossin from the mid ’80ies with Shimano ax Aero groupset, 2×6 speed. It was my first race bike. Now I try to preserve it in its original state and use it only warm and sunny days. My rain bike is my newest bike, a Genesis Equilibrium with mudguards from 2016.

Daniel Steven says:

My only ride is a khs turbo early production era I guess and build with shimano tricolor biopace group set. Super happy and grateful for it! Never thought to buy another bike 😉

lance dunckley says:

actually I ride steel frame bikes on a regular basis and find that I like them better than most newer bikes I ride, I have an 86 Le tour, bright red shimano groupset super light and really nimble, a 90 raliegh touring bike, very heavy, also red and it perfoms with a different wheelset mounted on it

IRS ProbablyShouldLeave says:

Motobecane Strada LTD 1.0

pmay222 says:

Steel frame with modern add ons and wheels is the best mixture and unique. .

dumbo7429 says:

Im am going to steal it..and ride on sunny days ha ha ha

BoogieKnight1976 says:

Got an 86′ Raleigh Royal Reynolds 531. Converted to single speed with re dished rear wheel and original cranks. Its just a joy to ride over my 08’GT XC hardtail so I ride it rain wind or shine.

Matthew Toh says:

Mine is a old shimano bike with the logo shimano on it it runs the vintage 105 as well as the arrow thing it has a downtube shifter but I will be changing it to a sti shifter

Niidea1986 says:

Not so much a backup bike but my workhorse bike, is a Gios Mignon. It actually is a minivelo, meaning it has 451 wheels, I ride it in the city because their smaller wheels are great for filtering through traffic, also through people when I am on the sidelane, and it fits into elevators without much hassle too. On a footnote, everybody loves it when they see it.

Angel Chavez says:

My rain bike, summer, winter and the rest of the year is an Olmo from the early 80’s with Dura ace first generation 🙂

Tor says:

My main bike is a steel Gios Compact, in bright pink. Its a 80’s era frame, and it came originally with campagnolo record in 7 speed. When I bought it the old owner had upgraded (actually kind of downgraded it) to mirage 8 speed. Right now I have 2nd gen Record Carbon on it, similar to your Chorus. I have a 2002 trek lance Armstrong training bike, and I still would say I greatly prefer the Gios. Steel bikes have a wonderful feel, and a certain sort of an aura of permanence that carbon frames never seem to. Idk I like steel

Eric Pitt says:

1985 Peugeot PSN 10 – Super Vitus 980 Frame, Campagnolo Triomphe crankset and derailleurs with Speedy Modolo brakes.

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