The World’s Toughest Track Bike Race w/ Austin Horse & Nico Deportago-Cabrera

“Cielos Infernales” was being billed as the world’s toughest track bike race. The first of it’s kind- long, brutal, fast with miles of climbing into the clouds- on one gear in live traffic. 75 miles and 3 mountain ascents completely unsupported. It’s the first time an all-fixed gear alleycat has required the fitness and endurance of a stage race, and the street handling of a messenger. Plus racing in open streets in Mexico City is always a risk. Traffic is wild, roads are rough, and there’s always a chance of a stray pothole, dog, donkey or car catching you out.

Film & edit by Daniel Millán
Made possible by Red Bull

No Way Josie on itunes:

Ghetto Kids on Soundcloud:

Race organized by Safa Brian
Safa Brian’s youtube channel:

Aventon Bikes


PhuckMyLife says:

I see you guys zigzagging between buses and lorries and I ask myself, have you seen what a body looks like after being run over by one of those vehicles?

DNI 18 says:

what music in minutes 0.40-02.08

Matt Sezer says:

I totally get riding fixed for city alleycats, where it’s mostly flat and the challenge is controlling your speed through traffic without breaks, but I don’t understand races like this at all with the climbing.

Chris Tose says:



What is the name of The Background song.,,,?Both

Santiago Escobar says:


Chris Lowe says:

Foolish and reckless. get some brakes and gears so you can be safe and have the correct cadance. i cringed when i saw the guy going down hill with his feet on the downtube and only a front brake….

david walsh says:

The fact that that guy put aero wheels on a track bike, for a mainly climbing based race says it all really!

J MO says:

who won 1st overall?

rafaelveggi says:

non-retard units please

Gerald Ander Lee says:

women be like “kim youre my hero” stfu bitch

Jatuwit Patpimai says:


Eliott Pierre says:

what are the brackets for a race like this on a fixed gear ?

Daniel Murillo says:

Como se llama la canción por favor

Alexkkk Kalathas says:

0:19 i was just wondering how hard it is to make so strong legs… btw bootyyy 😀

mayengbam angamba says:


Jehu Islas says:

Song at 2:44?

Евгений Базаров says:

Holy shit. Stop that knee killing. Painful to watch

Hana says:

I hope some day I’ll do that race with my friends.

Arturo Sánchez says:

“I don’t feel like im racing right now, I feel like I’m surviving”

That’s racing…

Aaron Bourbonnais says:

yeah because they truely are a shamed because benefit of a doubt

Ferdanza says:

Why did he put his foot up on his frame instead of pedaling can someone please explain?

GermanGameAdviser says:

power 😮

pfuigack says:

You lady, have a stunning frame…

Nice bike, too.

Aaron Bourbonnais says:

some hebrew get ahold of your program those guys need it right or no canoes

Neuroboy Pi says:

EXcellent video, Mexico DF is always a challenge, when will that be repeated?

Celso Lopes Silva says:


Christopher inthavong says:


Ayam Penyet says:

I can feel the pain in my legs riding that far on a fixed

Gianni Hernandez says:

:17 tho

LaintSauber says:

Those zipp wheels on Austin’s bike looks so fresh, i really like them

clydes #1ohana says:

your ass inspired me lol jkjk but nice video kym

Bogdan P says:

Wow! Great! Congrats!

Fernando Herrera says:

viva Méxicoooo!!!!! hard climb

xjz says:

so hyped this summer touring an island with 500km with only fixed gears woot woot!

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