Top 5 – Bike Computers

We run you through our Top 5 cycling computers.

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socksumi says:

My $100 wireless Cateye kept losing contact unless it was mounted side ways on the fork three inches from the transmitter where I couldn’t read it while riding. Plainly a piece of shit. Stay away from the cheap Cateye units.

Velo1010 says:

What about the Sigma Rox 10.0? How are the reviews for that cycling computer?

Jorgen Rasmussen says:

You really should include the iBike!,

Marco Maio says:

I think the hole on my Weiner is in the wrong place, no actually I think it just twists a wee bit but that’s okay right. in the market for cycling computers to see my speed and girth

pmysko says:

Great review but I’m staying with my Rox 10.0

keith anthony borja says:

Is bryton compatible in giant ride sence sensor?

CornswolioTV says:

I’ll just stick with a free app on my phone haha.

Ventsislav Simonov says:

Here is a set of gadgets with $1 to $10 worth of electronics inside, with market prices higher than your actual bike.

dunno yolo says:

will the cateye stealth 50 work on mountain bikes ?

Peter deMos says:

You guys should not try to be so biased about price. Good tech costs money plain and simple. Don’t emphasize this as a huge negative towards a product. There are plenty of riders who race and desire use able training tools. The Edge 510 is very reasonable for an amazingly easy to use computer.

Tory Smith says:

I love my CycleOps Joule GPS 2.0.

Bajcsev Attila says:

I am considering using my phone as a computer instead buying an actual computer but i can not find an android app that only shows what I need(speed elevation cadence gradient etc) when i am riding.Do you know something?

Yute Hube says:

I went back to a wired one from wireless. 

Rob Ward says:

iPhone 6 with Quad Lock mount is an awesome option!

william conrad says:

How about a review of the most useful low cost bike computers. PS electric bikes don’t have a problem keeping one charged up.

Dominico Mucci says:

Who has a latte at the end of a ride? Awkward :p

earthstick says:

So where is the Mio?

William Santiago says:

Yall can keep them at that price.I bought one from Wal-Mart and the brand was Bell and its not of the highest quality but it does the job and may I add that it’s VERY accurate as well.

Cornelius Maximilianus says:

fake cyclist at 2:24 

Armando Ferrer says:

Why you do not say about Polar

Buili12 says:

What should I buy ??

Polar V650 or Garmin Touring Plus

George Gilles says:

+Bungel2010 yes, it did.

Bernd Thamer says:

Did you consider the App BikeCityGuide (for the smartphone) as well? (just asking, as it is a little bit different and you can see the cycled tours directly on the map afterwards)

John M says:

Use a 20,000mah power bank and your phone will work all day with the screen on.

Nagy György Krisztián Nagy says:

Garmin Edge 500 still has the best price / value ratio ever since it was released.

Fede Morán says:

I just bought the Rox 10, is simply amazing, much better than any of those shown in the video. I don’t consider the bryton as a bike computer but a navigator. Besides, To follow a track in the mountain, i prefer the viewranger app with topo maps on a 5″ super amoled screen, not on a mini screen.

Pinoy Piliton says:

garmin 510 is the best 😉

Freddie Mercury says:

Garmin Edge 1000

Ivan Malechko says:

Yeah. Sigma are great computers. IMHO even better (and cheaper) than Cateye.

Eldo Rado says:

US $150 for the most “affordable” of the bunch? I just have to laugh at the gullibility of the amateur riders (that’s anyone who isn’t a pro in case you were wondering) who have been brainwashed by these companies into thinking that without full GPS, power metering, cadence, traffic updates, weather forecasts, Strava connectivity, etc, etc their biking “experience” is somehow incomplete. The pros can certainly benefit from some of this stuff; the rest of us don’t need $250+ plastic battery powered devices to tell us that we still suck.

Phen0mable says:

300 quit for bike computer ???? FUCK YOU HAHAHHA 50 quit is more than enough

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