Walmart Kent Thruster 700c cheap $100 fixie bicycle review

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Questionable braking and tires (see below for improvements) speeds mostly around 14-15mph 17-18 mph with a little more effort. Bike is a little on the heavier side but I love the look of this fixie.

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Jason Park says:

just ordered it online and so excited! same brand 700c. anything I should know or be aware of?

david molina says:

Is it adjustable to the size or height

Dunlar Beezy says:

How many Cm or inches is this bike?

poione42 says:

it’s stock weight is 28ibs, stripped down to only what you need 25ibs. change out a few parts ended up at 21ibs ( crankset, chainstay, cog, seat post, saddle, drop neck ) the 40/18 gears are ok to start out with, but you’ll want to change.

PC Principal says:

Hey I’m like 5’5 and ordered this bike. Am I able to get easily on the seat or will I have to jump on? Please someone reply

Gerald says:

That bike is trash sell it

Owen Anthony says:

“the break are a little gay” wtf? I’m confused

Stance Media インフェルノ says:

How long have you had it and is it still good, and also can I put an engine motor on it or a electric rear kit ?

Conner Malloy says:

Reviews fixie, mentions brakes

poione42 says:

the tires suck only last about 1 month if you’re spinning and skidding

Nam Nguyen says:

Can it go up hill easily?

Mike Will says:


Dead poolz says:

Is it a 26″ or 24″ sorry if I sound a little irritating

Jacob Trill says:

How did you remove the stickers off the bike ?

Jayde Ryan says:

Just bought the exact same one!

carlos ballesteros jr says:

700x 38c like around what size would this be like for instant in mountain bike I use a 26inch for comfort am not to tall am around 5’5

it’s a thruster sequence

first time owning a fixie lol

Brayant Rojas says:

i have the same bike and its light,fast,and really cool looking

John Kay says:

I recently upgraded to some black tires. Looks really nice. Video update

Jay 6457 says:

have you had to replace anything or fix the brakes plz reply quick im thinking about buying this

David Castillo says:

i have that bike

gurp says:

+John Kay Hi, I have this exact bike. But when I searched up what makes a fixie bike they say a fixie bike is when when I stop pedaling the bike keeps pedaling, but when I stop pedaling the bike doesn’t pedal. As if it’s a normal speed bike. How did you fix this since you said it can be fixed an single speed.

Oganesson 118 says:

is that a chromoly framez

Kev Seller says:

I order this bike in’s pretty fast and very comfortable. I ride a bike about 6 hrs a day as a bike messenger and I have no complaints

Stance Media インフェルノ says:

Is it smooth and fast and not tiring

Young Jesus says:

I have this exact same one but my friend removed THA right brake and made it to fixed gear for me oh and I also removed all THA stickers except THA one that says fixie on it I ride it almost every single day and I like it but I just wanna get new rims

Dead poolz says:

Is this bike good for kids I’m 12 and I’m 5’2 almost 5’3 and I’m looking for a new bike and I think I might get this one

ALNYC says:

Is it light to carry? I really want this bike to get around NYC!

jordan shade says:

I guess we all ordered it in the same color

thetylife says:

How much does this bike weigh?? I’m thinking about ordering the Hyper Havoc from Walmart …It’s a aluminum frame mountain bike that’s suppose to weigh under 30 lbs..This might be even lighter though, and costing $40 less( $79 + tax now) is tempting. I don’t live close to a Walmart at all.

Lil Korea says:

we have the same bike like color and all i got it from walmart

Donya Spivy says:


Aaron Hernandez says:

It’s gay asff I sprayed painted put some drops and put a new wheel on the front and also put a new crankset

clubpenguin tutorials says:

Is it a flip-flop hub? (Freewheel and Fixed?)

Donya Spivy says:

does it go backwards

Xzavier Marte says:

How tall are you and how big is the frame of the bike?

Steven Sifuentes says:

can you ride this bike on grass?

kronicaster says:

it is a peace of poop.

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