Watch How Long It Takes For A Thief To Snatch A Locked Bicycle

Bike thieves are a big problem across the United States. We tested how long it would take for a thief to snatch a pricey bike. We loaned a $2,500 Trek mountain bike and security expert Jason Cecchettini planted hidden GPS and radio tracking device. We locked the bike to a signpost and soon enough, a man used a wire cutter to break the lock and take off with the bike. A wild chase ensued through the streets of North Hollywood. Using the tracking devices, we followed the thief and confronted him.


Adela Juarez says:

you suck too much and you scare kids

Ginger Zamasu says:

Niggah stole yo bike fool

Jaden the Savage says:

Wow that’s ridiculous for someone to steal a $2,500 bike like that on purpose. I would have been so upset if someone stole my big mountain bike.

Serra The unicorn Lee says:


Richard says:

This is why I don’t keep my bike outside. I store it in my butt. No thrives in there. There’s record low crime actually.

Alaura.R. Stookey says:

My question is all the people that pass her when she locked it up why did nobody recognize her

Paranormal_ Rabbit says:

“At $2500” that’s more than my rent;-;

Oooofff Out says:

Swiper no swiping!!!!!

Zara Hill says:

*why am I running so hard*
sis u is BARELY running shut ya mouth

Luke anderson says:


Gamer Sponge says:

The last one is just like a mouse

alessandra128 surgery says:

Girl:is this the first time you stole a bike?
Girl:not very good luck
Thief:obviously not:(
Hahahhahaha this is hilarious

Bad Bunny says:

I hate thieves but did they had to arrest him because of an social experiment?

Michael Sauvageau says:


Sheryl Crusco says:

Your a slow runner lol

Catastrophic — Minecraft & Fortnite says:

YOU JUST HIT 4,500,000 exactly

Paul Navarro says:

They got me too I had a fredmyer bike$78

Tommy Robinson says:

3:10 what a dumbass, at least try run

Earl Horton says:

Follow that bitxh reporter…bet u she aint living a honet lifd

Kylie’s Animations says:


Rylee Gamez says:

“I am running hard”

xombl3 says:

nigga stole my bike

Johnny Johnson says:

Well this channel is not even cool she harrasses people so they get to prison sometimes people just need a bike for example if theyre son wants it and the father/mother cant afford a bike

duhitzbrandon 06 says:

Big ass snitch

Affan 3 Semangat says:

WHAT??!! My BMX is just 260$

CrusaiderVI says:

of course the thief is black.

Nigga stole my bike

Zenn Exile says:

Black dudes steal bikes, noted.

InkFlux says:

Put superglue on it

yoma yama says:

Un negro robando… Muy extraño hahahaha !!.

Phoenix Studioz says:

The (first) thief goes in the train casually, without being stopped…

After the train stops…

‘And that’s when he made his getaway.’


joe smoe says:

Beat them down

OriginalPGR says:

“I just see it here”
I mean.. it’s very flawed what he said… (like he’s going to steal that bike)

iiAlexia_unicornii ;D says:


Leo The Lion123 says:

Reason why I put 3 chains on my bike

Rivika Arya says:

Shes kinda AnNoYinG yanno

Brandon Ramos says:

0:10 “why am i running so hard”

alessandra128 surgery says:

Why would you put a GPS in a bike and follow the guy that stole it and you didnt even try to call the cops and put him in the jail??? What you just did is let him go away so he can stole another new bike! Wow! WHAT A SMART GIRL!! #clickbait&thumbnail

Soy says:

First thing that is a really bad lock

Johanna quinde says:

If you Don’t fall for this your super smart

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Adrian Cervantes says:

Does anybody else feel this is fake

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