What is a Track Bike?

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What are the key features that make up a track bike and why? Watch this video for insight into the anatomy of a track bike as will be ridden at the Velodrome during the London 2012 Olympic Games.




Archi says:

Carbon fiber

BikeRadar says:

Disc wheels are optional and are added to front or rear depending on the event, if at all. In some events some riders have front disc and others rear. It all depends how much moving about the track they need to do.

jhobbz45 says:

Why no disc wheel?

Galleon Chua says:

Do I look like I live neaar Velodrome though dumbass?Why don’t you ask someone else.

Parks says:

dont forget the track ends! pretty important when describing a track bike.

TnT Mob says:

“track bikes can be converted to road use by adding a brake“, haha, or just why not have no brakes at all ?

Oliver cross says:


cataria says:

question: what are the frames of pro trackbikes made from?

Galleon Chua says:

A bike with no gear and no brakes means its a bullshit bike that can be passed by any lousy entry level Road Bike.

BikeRadar says:

no problem!

Dang Tran says:

what is a BikeRadar?

Patrick Li says:

Now try that on a velodrome smartass.

D. Batt says:

do halfords sell these?

George Gilles says:


concretecubes says:

Track bikes can be converted to road use by adding a brake. lol ok.


This Bike Is more for me when speeding and braking not climbing!!

Kandi Klover says:

its also a faggot wannabe bike messenger attention hungry loser road bike

Pax Imp says:

running a bit of slack in ur chain there..

herpdadurrp says:

are track bikes fixed gear?

CROSS says:

Noob of the moth hear, can you get a track bike with a road bikes geometry?

TnT Mob says:

Understand something, I have two track bikes , both of them with front brakes,, more than 95% of the time I dont use them, and on that 5% maybe 4% of that i wouldnt need to use the brake itself. When i roll with my crew I am the only one that has a brake, and yes in Canada it is illegal but still the people who roll brakeless( especially now in winter) have alot of skill. many people suggest they are out of their minds, but i know that they know what they are doing, theyve mastered their bikes

Evan Folwarski says:

Who puts a break on for road use? Not me!

hhxlegacy says:

0:36 Made In Taiwan #justsaying

theburntarcade says:

how much is the bike?

YooAndI says:

you’re a car guy, what you just said is intellectually equivalent to claiming a ferrari isn’t a good rally car, different bikes for different events

Nathan Hodges says:

Oh yeah I got a trek bike

Ben W says:

Single speed master race

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