What’s the Best Track Bike Yamaha R6 or R1M?

I rode the Yamaha R6 and R1M at Mid Ohio Sports Car Course for a motorcycle track day. What size motorcycle is best for you?

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Kerim Basaran says:

Hey ib, on the r1 what kind of windscreen do you have ? That’s not a sport touring right? I’m the same height as you

VeeFour says:

I use RS10’s on my R1. They’re great tyres, but on track they last about as long as a fart in a hurricane

Tyler Clift says:

Why cover up the mirrors? Surely it’s safer to have them?

SeanYO91 says:

Mate you need to get on a MV Agusta F4 especially the RR

Tim Grunklee says:

Can anyone explain the benefit of removing the ignition on the 2017 blue Yamaha R6?

KRAM says:

Another awesome content ib! From – manila philippines

Dean Conway says:

Great vid man, keep it up! i know you will

Sajid Iftikhar says:

Absolutely loved this video. We need more videos like this. I am looking forward to your next video on tires comparison. Can you also make videos about street bikes which one handles better etc, also the tires comparison too? Thank you!

Are1oner says:

650ib is a dweeb!.. What a cornball. I respect the channel but please think about how corny you act and sound sometimes.

Kaha K says:

Racing on a tracking and vlogging! SKILLZ!!!

Zachary Griswold says:

is it me or did he repeat himself 3 times talking about riding the 600 all day and going to the 1000

Asian In Ohio says:

The bigger bike might be more of a rush and give you better track times in larger tracks. Smaller bikes are easier to throw around turns and it’s always fun to go full open for what feels like all the time.


600 = track. 1000 = Isle of Man.

Te Dollars says:

650ib is the whitest black person out lol

VeeFour says:

that’s a big saving on weight, and the stock wheels are hardly heavyweight to start with

The Echelons Know Me says:

i’m thinking of buyin a Chinese scootah for the the track

Brad Jarmin says:

I’d like to see you compare your track times between the r6 and r1m, I think they would be very similar

White Blaze5541 says:

I bought my 600cc with the intention to make it a track bike. It’s quick, light and cheap so I wouldn’t mind laying it down as I learn and push my limits more and more. Once I run that bike as far as it can go I’ll be going for a 750 next.

Cameron says:

Hey 650, just got my 3/4 exhaust for my r1 in the mail, I’ll have my ecu back from superbikes by Friday. just wondering why you would add a power commander to your R1 if you can load Power Commander Maps directly onto the stock ECU?

Thomas Evers says:

Your buddy Carl , has a sweet trailer and bike.I got my trailer from Leonard as well , it’s a 6×12 enclosed.

Jonathan Hall says:

Hey brother, Im really wanting an r1 or r1m but people are saying its not for the streets!? I want one for the streets, and i love the look and sound. would I enjoy it on the streets or should I just stick to gsxr? would love your honest opinion. Thanks IB

Mr. Grinch says:

Haters gonna hate lol. I see a lot of bad comments. This dude doesn’t have to post videos, you don’t have to watch them or comment lmao. 650ib is the best MotoVlog I have watched. Need to make a trip through Louisville:) 01 YZF-R1 motor worked to1100 among others:)

clint william says:

Nice. I am from the Eastern Suburb Cleveland, Ohio. just got my r6 2017

Kevin Strydom says:

Why not the h2 man

H1GHD3FF says:

Killer intro song. “Some niggas go to college. Some niggas go to jail.. Some niggas make into heaven, some niggas make into hell. “

Donnie Coffman says:

go check me out – moto vlogger

Simon Messenger says:

Why did you cut the 1RM vs the 600 footage out so quickly??

N0s says:

bikes are too dangerious, if you crash=dead, cars more safety.

ActiviztA1 says:

of course he’ll enjoy the R1 more, coz all he knows is pulling on the throttle on the straights!

Smoke 1 says:

Yo 650! Stop trying to steal people truck! Lol! Great Video!

Ryan Riel says:

I am no Cesar Milan but I think the dog was not a big fan of your visit in his house

MrAranhaman says:

You’re having fun, but you are clearly very novice and lack track miles…i thought i was going to see serious riding…

Hugo Garcia says:

11:20 what happened??

Brandon Nixon says:

You should sell your 1199R and get a 1299 R Final edition!

Jø Wa says:

Did you install the auto-blipper on the R1M? I think thats one off the negatives of the new R1s now that they dont have autoblippers stock.

Z Alina Naqvi says:

im a biker
and i dont have bike in U.S,,,!
and but how would i suppose can get a motor bike liscence
i know that’s just dumb to ask a Question like that….
but i want it to get one quicker as possible !

Pillokun says:

For most of us without a survival instinct or balls of fire 600cc is faster if there are not that many loong and boring straights. Why? becasue the 1000cc pulls that much that is scares the shit out of you and because of that you break waaay to eaarly. With the 600 the pull is not as hysteric and when the 1000cc riders are on the brakes you are still on full throttle and you can brake way later if even brake that hard at all. 200bhp or 120bhp or even 55bhp does not matter that much on a bike, becasue the smaller bikes can get the time back on the brakes, That is why I am faster on a small capacity bike.

Your track day clips are so much better than those stupid smackdowns on the streets, I compare them to if you were walking around in the public and aiming a loaded gun at people.
The track day clips are superb!

Adam Pearson says:

The voice. Leathers a bit tight?

Nicolas Xu says:

why you cover all the mirrors and lights?

rage monster says:

I’m still waiting for streetspeed717 to walk his happy ass over hear and call u out

LS MS says:

Amazing cam quality 🙂

Mr. Boss says:

Why did he tape his mirrors ? o.O

HalferLand Video's says:

Hey Man, where do you get your music/copyright free? Appreciate it!

Tuscan Moto says:

Expensive track bikes for a novice hahaha. I’d be too worried about skidding it up the track to give it beans.

benjamin Ofuasia says:

Shout out to lecrae for the beat in the intro, the song is called “Nuthin”

Todd m says:

come on man u ride like old people fuck

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