Inmotion V10/V10F is out! My unfiltered impressions of the new electric unicycle after riding over 500 km!


Helmet: Fox Racing Proframe
Wrist Guards: Rollerblade Bladegear XT

EDIT: The weight is 20.6 kg, not 24kg.

Off Course by Joakim Karud (http://youtube.com/joakimkarud)
Dance by Bensound.com
Moose by Bensound.com

English and Chinese subtitles available.


EvNerds Magazine says:

Nice video and review by the way 🙂 Awesome

EvNerds Magazine says:

Hay Kuji! What was your job position at NINEBOT ?

nambinhvu says:

Msuper X?

U-Stride says:

HOW DID YOU JUMP THIS THING MAN. HOW? I just bought some shin guards and elbow protection to help me learn. I want to finally conquer sidewalks.

Roldy Lo says:

Subscribed K同学

Bob Yan says:

Great review Kuji, thanks a lot! It’s supposed to have a new version of firmware which is 2.2.7 released on July 15th, and it’ll have two riding modes. The comfort mode will be more responsive and we’re looking forward to seeing your test.

rukisan159 says:

I’ve been looking for a channel like this! Sub!

Floripa 4kvideos says:

So, which one do you prefer for riding on pavement? V10F, Z10 or Tesla?

goku blue says:

0:35 1:44 :v

Radu Simionescu says:

volume can be adjusted from the app…

Jediah Matthew says:


Phil Fastmike says:

The best review of an EUC I have seen so far!!! Thank you for that. Looks that the only major issue with that EUC is for people of 85Kg or more with the wheel overloading far too often…

U-Stride says:

This is a really good review of the INMOTION V10 man. And you covered everything such as the rubber pedals, the acceleration, stopping power, speed, weight etc. Loud Speaker HACK. I LOVE IT.

PropsOnBrainOff FPV says:

pedals should just vibarate instead of the fucking buzzer noise. cant hear it under the helmet anywayss.

kp says:

Can you review the ninebot properly? And which one you prefer??

Jean Paul Hart says:

Dude, z10 or v10f for city riding?

Jeffrey Will says:

Awesome review! Definitely try out 2.2.7 firmware. Comfort Mode makes it a lot more responsive and punchy.

Jimmy Nilsson Hammarlund says:

Thanks and agreed it was a short, precise and flat out amazing mini review for sure!

Great riding skills and love the speed, yet you do it in a way that is not terrible to watch, I mean don’t get me wrong Tishawn Fahie for ex seams like a great guy to me bless his heart and thanks to him too for what he is doing for us. But with that being said, being a fast rider as well he take more risks than you do and that constant exaggerated hand swinging, wiggling back and forward and by doing so changing his balance center of gravity could very well end in a serious accident some day when least expected and likely not down to him even but rather just a cab driver making a sudden move just when his balance is off and cannot immediately change direction cause need to wait center of gravity to align up. Ok it’s hard to explain in this language what I am trying to say but I think you with most basic of basic levels of physics + riding EUC’s will understand what I am trying to say anyway and what I am fishing for is parts of a sec not more + there is the reaction time to take into play at all potentials too and that fact + when riding fast you seems to be on the alert instead of concentrating on (let’s be honest) pretty useless things gives me comfort and think you will have an easier time getting out of something unexpected coming at you fast some day, if getting out with 0.1s to spare it is still out and hence good for your health as well as the repetition of EUC riders.

Well, not your moma hen so stop irritating now lol, have a safe one and please keep up the good work. V10F looks nice to me but also a heavier westerner I’ll wait another year and see what’s around the corner. Love to try one though.

goe gk8511 says:

Cool vid do more review on other wheels

Shad0z says:

what helmet is that?

Remember My Name says:

Best EUC review, i have ever seen.(And i seen a lot).Good editing,straightforward,not dragged in time.Subscribed!

G.Spot FPV says:

1:31 battery goes from 100% to 30% during the acceleration, voltage seems to dramaticly easy go down

FilmsForYou says:

Someone On YouTube with an EUC that can actually edit a video and has some life to their voice. Refreshing!!!

Nice work. You are a nut on an EUC! Make a video for the V8 on your skill tricks and maybe some how to’s.

Richard Šulc says:

Great job Kuji! Awesome, quick, very informative! One of the best reviews I have ever seen. just awesome.

btw, could I ask what helmet are u wearing in video? and are you good with this type of helmet?
I ordered KS18L for its bigger wheel…. But I think both 18L and V10F are great wheels…
Have a great day!

Hanaan Rosenthal says:

Great stuff, Kujman!

Citi Wheel says:

You can’t “disable” the alarm but you can record silence in the app and replace it.

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