Airwheel Electric Unicycle Review & Test for Filmmakers

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If you ever tried running with a steadicam or a 3 Axis Gimbal and getting a smooth shot then you’ll know just how hard that is, not to mention tiring. Here is an electric unicycle that you can use to make that a lot easier.


DrAutoflower Medical Cannabis Adventures says:

The monorover r2 seems more stable then this

Juan Carlos Rodriguez says:

Would you take it 5 miles to work daily?

SolarizeYourLife says:

Cameras for Segway, more stable, less hassle, less hazards…

SatanicJamnic says:

That up and down movement of your gimbal looks soooo bad and unnatural. For me – this kind of motion disqualifies the footage. Is there any chance for a smooth motion on this gimbal man?

Joe Beck says:

The price of $537 is extremely high. I wouldn’t buy from these assholes.

Henry Baumgaertner says:

Could be wrong but from here your tires look a little slack. With full pressure (I think my tire says 50 psi) it’s less squirmy at very low speed.

Mengke Li says:

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Shiznaft says:

Always innovating!

Vovan Hz says:

Man, you are talking too much!

dalia azmy says:

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eljuancho2 says:

if i find 1 $200 usd ill buy it

Tavis Gordon says:

Kinda unrelated but Tom seems like a cool guy. Good energy!

Norbert Rivera says:

Wow man thanks .that was a great tutorial. Is a really a great idea for filming .

Patrick Channel says:

Riding an unicycle at Niagara falls NY

dphotos says:

I think you got some cool shots with your unicycle. I would worry about smashing the camera on a fall plus I would strongly advise you to wear a bike or ski helmet.

iPaulify says:

Hi Tom. Firstly, can I just say how awesome and inspirational you are. Can’t tell you how helpful you’ve been for not only myself, but lots of other filmmakers. I’d personally love to see more of your lighting breakdowns and tutorials. Although, I’m interested in whatever you put out!

Simon Hergott says:

Roller blades work great too. This thing seems like it’d be useful for when you have slight inclines to go up though.

Khang Le says:

What version is he using in the video? X3? X5?


Is this thing heavy to carry after the battery dies? I would be too afraid to fall over with expensive equipment and destroying the gimball and camera 😛 I have been riding (and filming) on a Segway with just 2 wheels and that was already tricky sometimes.

Braydin Darskii says:

clever. thanks for sharing

View Viewer! says:

Do not buy this product, the battery lasts just for 6 months, then it discharges much faster, needs every 4 KM to charge, and at the end you have to replace the battery, which apparently it costs 1/3 of the price of the device !!!!
The battery lasts just for 400-500 charging cycles not 1800 as they declare !! A company of LIARS!! They denied to replace my battery !!!


Bill Campbell says:

Seems to me that a wheelchair would be at least as good as this (and less expensive, ~$100 around here) only disadvantage being that you need someone to push.

SolarizeYourLife says:

Try pumping up air pressure you will need to relearn going and turning, its more nimble… Really nothing more then a ‘fatter’ mono-wheel,

WaHo0oBiE says:

which model do you have .. I’m thinking about getting q3 .. if yours is q3 .. when out for a ride with it i straight/flat road are you getting anywhere near the range that their website is saying 24-28 miles ?

GeorgeBonez says:

Does the two-wheel version really have very much more advantage than the one wheel version??? I just recently ordered the one-wheel TG-T3 but it hasn’t arrived yet. I almost bought the two-wheel version like in this vid but I was afraid that it might be slower and the battery might not last as long due to the more power needed to run it..

My fears may have been misgiven but I dunno.. I have no experience with these things yet so I am just guessing like everyone else.. lol

biscuitsalive says:

U cray cray!

Caleb Chamberlain says:

I gotta be honest, I was watching this and thinking, “Whoa that’s an awesome idea!” looked at the price and thought, “Roller Blades can work too” haha

Cris isBliss says:

Hey Tom,
This may be out of place on this video but, I just purchased the Hague Mini for use with my Sony NEX  after watching your review and balancing videos, which you demonstrated using a GoPro.  It arrived today and balancing is difficult since the NEX screw is not centered.  Did you use any additional adapters/balance plates or will I eventually get it to balance correctly and use without it.  I don’t want to spend an additional $50 on the balancing plate if I don’t really need it. 

Thanks a whole lot your video have been very useful

Tery Wilson-Filmmaker says:

Thanks for sharing Tom. Love your channel. I’ve always found something new and creative to learn about

Shazilahtul Syamim says:


Brisdad53 says:

It’s a tool, no different from a drone. Flying a drone was easy, FILMING from one is what takes time. I see a ton of possibilities with this, especially for limited budget filmmakers. Nice review, Tom… but we’ve come to expect that from you.

eljuancho2 says:

got the single wheel chinese brand man too hard to balance,i send it back,i want to try this 1 before i buy it.

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