Airwheel Q3 Review (electric unicycle like solowheel or IPS or Wheelgo)

Kwai Chi reviews the Airwheel Q3, a dual wheel electric unicycle, through the streets of London. It’s a bit like a Segway but without the handle and with the wheels in between your feet rather than either side. Over cobblestones, corners and kerbs, Kwai Chi runs through the self balancing unicycle’s features.

There are other electric unicycles available for people to try and buy including solowheel, Gotway, IPS, Wheelgo, Ninebot, Firewheel, Rockwheel & Wind Rider.

To find out more about the Wind Rider S5C please visit!product/prd1/3358804341/wind-rider-s5c—132wh

UPDATE: New Facebook group running for discussions over at

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Carlos Vigil says:

thanks for the great review!

viral4584 says:

Hi Kwai, can you please share the legal discussion video for this airwheel? I have purchased BINGS dual wheeled version from amazon but now worried about using it for daily commuting with fear of getting fine or points on license.

Tilicollapse 19 says:


jackyng121 says:

stop using instagram-filter thingy, it brushes off the colors.

Andrea Havens says:

Great demo, Kwai, and it looks like fun! I’ve loved unicycle riding, too, and this reminds me a bit of that!

micheal aw says:

Is easiuer then sinhle wheel

Juan Carlos Rodriguez says:

I’m about to buy one for commuting. My job is 5 miles away. Do you recommend it?

Gabriel Espinoza says:

how fast is it?

jmf535 says:

Great review, thanks! I actually have a one-wheeled electric unicycle, but was always curious about the 2 wheeled model. How did you decide on 1 vs. 2 wheeled? It looks like there’s a fairly large difference in stability as well as greater ease at going over bumps and cracks in the road, but would be interesting to hear your opinion.

Oldmartian says:

I bought one last year (single wheel).  It’s fun and draws a lot of attention.  I’m 73 years old.  It’s easy to use and you can carry groceries and drink coffee at the same time while riding.

bagariddum says:

a good, honest presentation. thanks Kwai Chi.

Jonno R says:

Our roads and pavements make twin wheelers really hard work.. if one wheel goes down a dip it tries to spin you round so you have to constantly compensate and wave your arms about. On flat surfaces it is much easier than a single wheel and going very slowly is a doddle. What is surprising is that soft ground off road use is easy which is counterintuitive considering the way it handles on hard ground. Getting down a curb is easy but getting up is a real effort compared to a lighter single wheeler where you just grip the thing with your calves and do a little jump. It’s like driving a transit van compared with a motorcycle. I have room for both types in my life but if I had to chose just one it would be a 16″ single wheel

zhnovaq says:

Man, two gadgets (google glass and solowheel) together are just too much.. 😀

David Mackenzie says:

Excellent review, better than any others I came across. Very informative and objective. THANKS

DeathAwaitsYou says:

asian people are so easily likable

ramin alizadeh says:

Excellent and beautiful Thanks

Everything Cool says:

there are stabilizers for this if you get white no one will know

epicboy69 says:

This Guy is so 2030.

saad aljbory says:

it is just awsome man

Dr Roald says:

I just got one! They’re great

Sevir Rosis says:

this guy got google glass and the airwheel.. easy target for robber lol

Pietro Speroni di Fenizio says:

Great Review. Could you lower a bit the volume of the music? Makes hearing your voice harder :-).

Snakehealer says:

Good stuff. I ride my 1 wheel version everywhere. I couldn’t imagine a 2 wheel scooter for me.

hendri hendrik says:

hay..what is the best for twins weel Q3 or Q5 ..for the distance more longer and more powerful for climbing…

Stormsure Ltd says:

Thanks for the review. These Airwheels are illegal copies of Solowheel, which is patented. Customs are now seizing illegal copies, so be warned against buying direct from China. Caveat Emptor (Buyer beware!)

Larry Wilk says:

Thank you for the review Kwai Chi.  I saw these on the internet a few days ago and now I’m obsessed with wanting one.  Being a 55 yr old (kid) I was wondering if the two wheeled model made more sense for me.  You answered one question I  never thought of.  Side slopes!  The monowheel versions are not affected by them.  That for me could be the determining factor!  Thanks again for the great review and keep having fun!

SolarizeYourLife says:

To bad then is no bluetooth connection, it would be nice to run an app for your g glass to show how fast your traveling or other data from ‘dually’ unicycle…

Adam Watts says:

aha! well done with mastering the airwheel! looks pretty hard, everyone else was just falling off, you looked like a professional Kwai, Great review Kwai, very honest review, good and bad points about the product, very clear,

putianren says:

Nice but I find it difficult to ride it especially on the road.
In fact I have 2, Airwheel Q3 dual tire & Kaabo unicycle dual tire.

So, I have cold storage both of them, but I have a new self balancing personal transport:
Chic Smart Wheel which is much easier to ride.
(see my video clips)

I wish I can ride as you but then I suppose it is meant for you young people.
so i have to opt for the Chic Smart Wheel.

Have a nice day & enjoy your ride.

Gilmar Ribas says:


Sjoerd S says:

he looks like the dude from mythbusters

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