This wheel honestly surprised me, it is like the super reliable honda civic of electric unicycles, if you want one of these incredible pieces of kit hit this link, ill receive a small kickback and can keep these videos coming, cheers doods!-


danh le says:

Ks16 not in stock at ewheels for another 5 weeks…so ks14s or in motion v8?

Lake DualSport says:

Good review Chooch. Love the kingsong 16s too, thanks for recommending it to me. When I want to turn the light off I just press the small button beside the on off button and it cycles the light between on, auto and off. No need to mess with the app.

youel adamas says:

lol your friend is killing his lithium battery best never to drop lithium under 20% or over charge them above factory specs. the battery memory is nimh and nicd but they are to low storage for the needs of e transport. i hear sodium batteries might drop price to a third of lithium packing the same storage and punch some saying better. Have you looked in to the emotorbikes the price is right if you can get them too you ? also you might want to change the duct tape every now and then or make sure to use hot air to take off it can bond hard over time.

corrida torokko says:


Chris says:

nice review chooch. i’ve got 2500 Km on mine and the tire is starting to look a bit worn and maybe in need of replacement soon. do you know of a place in boulder or denver that services kingsong?

EZhel says:

Many riders replace stock tyre with 2.5″ Kenda by removing some plastic and lifting the body up by using 4 out of 6 main screws (moving up a row). As result, pedals are higher and wheel goes considerably better on all uneven and bad surfaces.

Kevin T says:

Have you ridden the KS 14D? Would you recommend it for beginners? The only other electric board I’ve ridden is the OneWheel v1

Paul Hinker says:

Upgraded from a ninebot E+ about a month ago. Definitely a large upgrade in terms of stability, distance, power, stopping distance, etc. Still love the ninebot but the Kingsong 16s is by far my favorite.

Derek Greer Cycling Across America says:

Good review. Noted. Wish you could talk more about tire and tube issues. Flats and punctures. Tire treads. Longevity.

DanieI Joseph says:

Is the tyre valve accessible on the 16s? (Unlike the ninebot) Is the gotway & msuper much faster than the kingsong?


Good Review *****

lucymuffin30 says:

Yeah dude I want this wheel for the instant power and torque you’re talking about…as for speed at 35km sustained will be enough for me I’m sure coming from the Ninebot.

Aleksandr Shvechkov says:

Which of three wheels in your video is faster?

U-Stride says:

WOW. Loved your review man. Very informative and entertaining. What’s your view inmotion V10F? Just curious

Quieromuchachas says:

I like to scrape peddles too.

Gys Wuyts says:

For the best battery performance long term, consider using a Charge Docter. Limit your daily regular charging to +/- 80% of the capacity, and then once per month do a deep discharge and full charge. The Charge Doctor will limit current. I’m in no way sponsored by them, but this rocks!

Peter Olson says:

Good review man. Your vids are what made me get a wheel (v10f). Its a blast

wayman Robinson says:

One more question do I move forward by leaning forward or move forward by tilting my feet forward on the pedals to go foward?

lucymuffin30 says:

Hi dude, hear you’re getting the Z10 for a review…..can’t wait brudda! I’m still sticking to the KS16S as the Z10 will be soooo expensive compared to the 16S….

Q Go says:

Nice review chooch. Can you jump on a curb with it? I am thinking about buying my first wheel and the 18L where I think it would not possible. Or maybe jumping is actually not that useful or often to do.

Graham Howe says:

Whasss up dudes Chooch

Rob & Marisela Francis says:

Great review Chooch. I have a question for you. Have you considered anti-theft for the wheel and how do you handle someone who would want to knock you off of your wheel as a form of theft? Thanks Chooch for any helpful advice my man!

Car W203 says:

Thumbs up for the review, Chooch! It was your initial video that convinced me into buying the KS16S and I am really happy with it.
Are you thinking about getting one of the new players — like KS18L or the Ninebot Z10?

David Silver says:

Is it better than the Inmotion V10F?

Edwin Electro says:

Thanks for another informative update video. I picked up one of these badboy’s about a month ago with lots of influence from your original 16s video.
life changer for sure… I can’t stop riding it. (over 200 miles in 2 weeks)
I constantly tell people it’s worth 10x the price!
Thanks brother…I owe ya. 😉

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