Best Electric Unicycles (2018) Gotway vs Kingsong Comparison Review

Aggressively tested the Gotway MSuper X and the Kingsong 18XL, which are now my two favorite electric unicycles. They are fast and have long ranges.
Maybe you’ll find my Inmotion V10Freview interesting?
0:23 Intro
0:30 Standing
1:08 Turning
1:55 Safety
2:34 Speed test (50m dash)
3:35 Brake test (40kph braking)
4:21 Range
5:04 Not riding
5:48 Conclusion

Gotway MSuper X (84V):
Kingsong 18XL:
Full-face helmet:
Wrist Guards:

Missing Someone by DJ Quads (
Fun Time by DJ Quads (
Mondays by Joakim Karud (


Vadim Andronov says:

Sooo it was 84v!!!
Guys, it means that KS will swallow dust MSX’s 100v!.
Even my Msuper v3s+ (84v) will do the turtule KS 18l xl
ua haaa haaa ha

Robert Navarro says:

Enjoyed the video and comparison. Good work!

michael anderson says:

Great video but how is the range while at 30 mph from the two?

Alexey Zu says:

So informative, so compact, so right. I think its perfect! Do more!

number1 stunner187 says:

Very good video

bru Bna says:

If you fell on that thing. U hit.

endzi junior says:

to bedzie jak z dronami,idioci beda sie wyglupiac,komus stanie sie krzywda i trzeba bedzie na to licencje robic

U-Stride says:

Man I love your videos. Seriously good energy and very informative. Totally love the side by side comparison @3:23. I might use that in future videos. Love it love it love it. Keep it up man. Can’t wait to see the next part
P.S I came to the same conclusion you did between the MSX and the 18XL in terms of performance in my XL first impression video.

DanieI Joseph says:

Kingsong is more city user friendly I reckon also.

Vojtěch Pithart says:

How would you compare those weels to inmotion v10f? Great review thought.

goe gk8511 says:

You ride hard man ;D

Tom McCrary says:

Great video, but you didn’t mention the wider tire on the MSX. Does it offer any advantages over the 18XL’s thinner tire? Also, I think you can travel more miles on the MSX before it limits speed at 15% battery life. Does the 18XL do the same?

Heinz tee says:

yo kuji, do electric skateboards!awesome content and editing!

bret holtzman says:

The Asian, Tom Cruz I, do like the MSX as well, I have the 84v version, the pedals are a little slanty for me but with low cut sneaker type motorcycle boots with ankle pads built in helps alot from getting the palsy effect. I actually like the mock carbon fiber look, especially after spraying it down with some Lucas interior cleaner, great product that doesn’t leave a slick shine just enough though.Good review !

Peter Cochrane says:

I agree,great review. You did not say whether th MSX was 100v or 84v. In other comparison tests the 84v MSX with 1600Wh battery had a greater range than the Kingsong and also revealed that the Kingsong app is over optimistic by 30% in range tests. It’s true that Gotway give the owner more responsibility when setting the wheel but I think that’s a good thing. Having manufacturers setting limits bring there own problems. Here in Scotland during the winter I found that the 3″ tyre works much better in soft wet grass and mud.

Unboxing na veia says:

Ótimo vídeo mesmo não falando sua língua deu para entender o vídeo parabéns.

Seage Speaks says:

Great review! Absolutly love your videos and cant wait for the next one! Does this mean we’ll be seeing more from you this year too? :O

mtvpartyboy says:

You are the best EUC reviewer on YouTube. Thanks for all the hard work.

muhkuh0816 says:

check out skateboard griptapes for the extra grip

Vladimir Lunkevich says:

Body you are great. What you can tell regarding compare xl to v10f? Very interested in your opinion.

NonStopNeal says:

Nice man. I had the pleasure of testing both these wheels today. Only had each for around 30 mins and absolutely loved the King Song 18L.

Kenny Chan says:

What kind of video equipment are you using and how do you do editing (music, graphics, side by side comparison)?

Jacopo Jacopo says:

When you compared range did you rely on the respective apps ? I am asking because KS app is known to be not accurate at all. A third party gps app should be used to verify actual range of both wheels

Skully says:

Yknow what would be great. If you could give me one of them electric unicycles

C G says:

Don’t forget the ninebot z10: here is a video!!!!!!!

3euc says:

Well done comparison, although the conclusion surprised me–I think the King Song 18XL is the best wheel ever made. I’d never ride with the speed safety disabled anyway, so the MSX has got nothing on the 18XL. The two charging ports on the 18XL make a fast charger unnecessary. With wheels around 50 pounds, the trolley handle is an important component. No wheel beats a King Song on this feature. Even without any power, a King Song is easily wheeled around, thanks to the handle’s centered, diagonal design. The 18XL fits more comfortably, without anything digging in, like on the MSX. Also the pedals, speakers, anti-spin, and reversible lights, all make the 18XL tops.

Dark Side says:

Great review! You dangerous ride… man be careful!

Akkranut Kulsirithong says:

I prefer 18XL due to its convenience. I not use EUC for racing, just use for city traveling around so lift up cut off and trolley handle is the most important. Also for long ride, comfortable is important factor over top speed and acceleration

citizenlowell says:

Kuji got that good hair

FarRock 6thThoro Queens says:

Nice bro and the X is my life

Eddie Moy says:

Great Review! I think you can’t go wrong with either wheel. But if you have both, you will notice the issues with the MSX more. MSX takes the top speed (safety disabled) and having a barely usable seat. The edges our the MSX on every other comparison – top speed if you enable safety on both wheels, trolley handle, optional bigger pedals, ergonomics no pinch point on the leg (MSX boxy), makes you a better rider, more nimble (feel at one with the wheel, not fighting it), front/back headlights, 4x bluetooth speakers(none on MSX), lift cutoff handle, two USB ports, 2 charging ports for total of 10A dual fast charging.

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