Best Electric Unicycles (2018) Off-Road Review

Went off-roading (and crashed) with the Gotway MSuper X and the Kingsong 18XL. Comparison Review Part 2.
0:27 Bumps
1:29 Side-by-side Uphill
2:04 Hops & Drops (stairs)
2:49 1 Meter Drop Test
4:07 Street
4:37 Headlights
5:01 Side-by-side Headlights
5:17 Conclusion

Best Electric Unicycles (2018) Part 1:
Inmotion V10F Review:

Gotway MSuper X:
Kingsong 18XL:

DJ Quads (
Mondays by Joakim Karud (


Frost Visto says:

Lovely video. What do you think about the Gotway Tesla? How it stands up to the MsuperX. Since it’s muuuuuch cheaper

alessandroz75 says:

Best video test!!

Swi vel says:

GREAT video. I watch a lot of these euc videos and I’m an avid rider (got both these and the z10). I love that you keep the bloopers in there because that’s the reality and people need to know it to get a full measure of if and how they want to engage this awesome hobby. Keep it up and I know you’re viewership is gonna splode

Azael Pulido says:

And here i am with my z10 afraid of jumping of a curve

Neon Euc says:

been doing youtube reviews for years…. and i still cant get no where as good as you lol. keep up the good videos and lets see more on a more regular basis 🙂

Gaz Bon says:

I like it i like it lots 🙂

Valeriy Selitskiy says:

Keep it real!

Popolizei says:

msx for ever
thanks good job

bret holtzman says:

Good stuff !

Flyboy EUC says:

What is the song title playing during the headlights portion?

Michael Hernandez says:

Awsome dude, awsome!!!

Jens Ronnedal says:

I do most of my riding on asphalt, I went for the KS18XL and I’m loving it. Great videos! Looking forward to the next!

Roger Underhill says:

Your videos always bring a smile… excellent review – could even be the best review ever along with part 1 🙂 You’re the second rider who motivates and encourages me to do more by pushing the boundaries and showing what is possible. Fantastic.

Patrick Frickel says:

Great review and supper pro delivery!

ElectricUnicycles says:

The most impressive wheel challenges (drops, etc.) that I’ve ever seen. The section shown in the thumbnail is awesome. You should see a doctor because I think something is wrong with your ‘fear’ gene 🙂

Mono German says:

Darn… I got a long way to go, before dropping 3 feet>1meter. BTW is the z10 as tuff, and able to be as good or??

eWheel Sydney says:

Love these tests!
Shows how much punishment these wheels can take!
I doubt I’ll ever break my KS-18L!

Dmitry Karyagin says:

Нормальный рацлер, не пенс!

Herbie Herb says:

This how EUC is done people. Ride the heaven out of it. Not big fun of people who are scare to fall. Nice video.

eddrush209mph says:

Skills 4 dayz Kuji. I wish you would post content more often tho – anything from daily errands, commutes, even vlogs ect. Big fan of your adept riding and editing style.

mtvpartyboy says:


number1 stunner187 says:

You really put them through their paces, nice…. Especially like the ending where you went into the tree

That Dude says:

Awesome! Can’t wait for part 3, I’m interested to see what’s up with the Nikola

Robert Navarro says:

What a serious, useful review should look like, congratulations.

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