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er ba says:

I just got my 16S (matt black) and took some lessons ( ~2hours) from the person that distributes KingSong in Belgium. Damn it’s hard to learn. Its good that I can learn on a KS16 learningwheel, but it’s a lot harder than I thought. It looks so simple when you do it, but I guess that will take a while.
It is hard to balance. After two hours I can go in a straight line (not far), but I am having difficulty when turning, my body wants to go straight. Do you have any advice ?


Buenos días me podrías decir a qué altura del suelo en centímetros van los pedales. Muchas gracias

רפאל אלאשוילי says:

You should make a video with a head counter of how many people turned their heads at you 😉

Think For Yourself says:

do you worry about your wheels cutting out on you.

Claudio AGMFilho says:

Chooch tech, did you like that band called Lincoln park man? You remind me man of the dude who used to sing on that band man, in a good way man, don’t take me wrong way man, but that’s how I feel about it, understand it.
Respect man, you got a nice style of riding this man, a nice style of riding this thing man…

Lake DualSport says:

Chooch, at what battery level does the king song start to throttle the speed down, and what speed can you get out of it once it starts throttling the speed down?

jojo van john says:

What is the fastest speed?
How far it can go?

tiramisu says:

do you feel cramped feet/legs on long ride? because ur feet just stuck when ride, cant move or reposition and dont have not much room for rest too. i stop at 20-30 minutes to ease my feet.

AndyMahnFL411 says:

Nice Chooch, you are an EUC pioneer- keep ’em coming. Glad you got the KS. Love how you’re so nonchalant as you weave through pedestrians.

ScottRyal says:

man I love Denver i used to live there for about a year. Oh hey you seen the new ks 18L? Looks beast they made it look more like the 16 with no seat and built in handle.. Man I practice and practice still no backwards for me.

shayne caesar says:

Bro I’ve tried to sit on my 18in M super unicycle and I don’t know how you sit on a 16 inch wheel:-)

Thiago Nas says:

very cool your videos, I’m thinking of buying a model of this, I would if possible in the next video that put the speedometer on the corner of the screen would be great! congratulations

Paul Hinker says:

Another good video, Chooch. Thanks. Just ordered my KS 16S as an upgrade to my Ninebot E+ that has about 1,100 miles on it now. Looking forward to having a little more speed and range.

shayne caesar says:

I’m also looking for a selfie stick like what you have. 1. I like to know the maximum extension that yours goes to. 2. Is it also a tripod? 3. Would you like to suggest which I can get? Please thanks

Eddie Weedon says:

Dude, get some rollerskates or an actual unicycle or something you know, like a bike

Claudio AGMFilho says:

Well, from what I know, is this: I know that gotway really hasn’t changed their quality on these axles, still the same shit, so we are going to have to stick for right now to kingsong there are cool things coming up for example: ninebot z10, kingsong KS 18L, after the Chinese Hollidays, their having there right now, after the Chinese New Year’s, that’s happening is over there in China right now, then I think they are gonna start on the production of the 18L, So presumably the 18L is coming soon…

Claudio AGMFilho says:

What is the batterie on your ninebot one that you so love, is it 220w only?

Jacob Tran says:

hey should i get this or the boosted board v3? I live in the USA

roxoto says:

good rider, great video

Missile Dropkick says:

Sitting and off-roading. Beast.

Joseph Holliday says:

Every time I go in a store, the employees tell me to not ride in the store. I went to a Salvation Army store where the security guard wouldn’t even let me bring it in. He made me chain it to their bike rack.

TigerZero aka Allen says:

Firstly. I enjoyed the video. No technical ranting about specification. Just a good example of riding around the city with nice background music. I particularly noticed your attention to traffic around you. I suspect you’ve had a few close calls with drivers not seeing you there. It was amusing to see the people react as you went by. Also, most of the time you were traveling faster than a person on a bicycle. For short in city travel where you are not planing on buying and carrying goods, the electric unicycle seems very practical. But it does look it can get tiresome standing on it for a while.

Todd Parker says:

Any tips on how to ride backwards? Maybe do a video. Been trying but unsuccessful longer than a few feet.

lucymuffin30 says:

Chooch I would love to see a review done by you of the Gotway Tesla …. Seems like an awesome wheel.. You’re one of the few that would be able to put it through its paces and deliver a proper review. Im still wary of Gotways quality issues but damn the power of that wheel is very tempting… At the moment Im still set on getting a KS16S as you recommended….but man the Tesla is a beast!!!

Jeff Reeb says:

Chooch, do you know of any place that will buy used Wheels. I’ve had the Kingsong16S for a few months now and love it. I am just wanting something faster.

bret holtzman says:

Bad assssss !!!

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