Electric Unicycle Brings Dragon Ball To Life

The battery-powered Uno Bolt was inspired by Bulma’s motorcycle in Dragon Ball. For more on the Uno Bolt, check out their Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/unobolt/uno-bolt-worlds-first-e-unicycle-with-gyro-force-t

Nisha Stickles 🍜 [1:48 PM]
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jerry says:

Imagine police chasing you riding while that electric unicycle.

JT says:

It reminded me more of the air scooter in avatar

knowhere says:

What about that vehicle that the kid drives in the Lorax??

Get Off My Lawn, You Dang Kids!! says:

I can never afford these things. Maybe when I’m older, but then I’m just gonna be to old and look stupid on this thing.

Milk Peach says:

DRAGON BALLLLL my childhood show 2,000 uhh how did bulla afford this

NeesaRakell says:


Blazze93 says:

Not sure why I expected it to be stored in a dynocap

Chris Thomson says:

Nice idea but theyll be made illegal soon before theyre out. Here hoverboards are illegal also thats why u will never see them here. Which is a shame i always wanted one

Itz Smol bean says:

Bulma had a electric unicycle? Since when?

Beanie Boi says:

Do you need a license plate for that?

George Carey says:

The cost is going up and they aren’t selling, its a poor design not worth what they are asking.

HansumRob100 says:

with a bigger wheel…

Space Person says:

i am ted wiggins, and i speak for the trees

goofyfoot2001 says:

Why wouldn’t you just get a high quality electric bike that goes faster, longer and safer for the same price?

Ava Gallup says:

it looks like the bike that Ted has in the lorax

gypsy triosg says:

I like the thick wheels but handle is a no no.

_OfficialYamiltz _ says:

I’ll use this for school lol

BricksTV says:

Capsule corps latest capsule bike model

Rayaadh Hoda says:

Omg yay dbz

Mirificus 1017 says:

its the bike from the lorax

Joseph Jesse says:

And this is why obesity is a problem

KingJulian .R says:

I’m gonna wait for the Capsel Corp version

ONTC says:

Didn’t the dude from the lira c had one of these too

Michael Base says:

I received mine today (11/17/2017). I have not had a chance to ride it yet, but it looks amazing.

johnathan stith says:


Jason Underwood says:

No matter what u do … you can not make this cool !

Pierre E says:


Do you need a license to drive this or You need to be 18+

Matt S says:

Looks like you need to be a douche bag to ride it.

Just A Fan says:

Or it could be the the thing the kid rides on from the lorax

NPC 01001011 says:

It’s the one wheel for lazy People

Llanetaboy says:



caloy the pabustan says:

futuristic dat boi

First name And last name says:

Citycoco unicycle? Hahaha

Mavic Relayson says:

“wondering how it works?” Apparently Insider was really asking. -_-

DTruth850 says:

To slow for me

Evelin Garcia says:

I thought it would be from the Lorax

chopop desu says:


Pink Lamborghini says:

Capsule should claim the copyright and sue this company

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