First look at KingSong KS16 Electric Unicycle – Review of best electric unicycle

First look at KingSong KS16 Electric Unicycle. Watch this review of KingSong KS16 Electric Unicycle that covers all the basic features, and compare it against the competition. The is likely the best electric unicycle of 2016

Overall conclusion: I very pleased with the product (based on limited use). I will say it’s everything that Ninebot should have done with model P 😉 – I think it’s a winner…

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Good stuff:
It rides really well and offers a nice balance between power, comfort, and stability.

Really nice design, very beautiful on the same level as Ninebot.

The material has a good feel and quality seems high.

Riding mode feels a lot stiffer than KS14c

Very smart integration of the light (switching direction)

Bluetooth seems a lot more intuitive than KS14c

Integrated handlebar is a really great idea and it feels solid when it’s not extracted.

Anti-slip on the pedal gives a really good contact to the food rest…

Pedal height is good for tight turns

Side protection cushions are placed perfectly and offer good support.

Rubber plastic cap for the charging port that is attached to the KS16 is really good…

Computer voice is really loud. I hope we can switch the computer voice off with the new app. It’s nice at first, but this will annoy me in the long run.

Noisier than expected, high pitch noise is louder than KS14c and the cooling fan inside is notable. What happens if the fan breaks?

Missing an integrated park stand, it would be nice to have a way to park the unit upright and not have to lay it down.

Fod pedal does not operate as smooth as I could wish, takes a lot of force to bring the down (minor thing)…


Zhonguoria says:

I see weight of 840w model is 20.8 kg. Is that too heavy?

R6ex says:

How does it compare to the Inmotion V8 in terms of acceleration, responsiveness of the motor, agility in turning, feedback from the ground through the pedals, and does it have a Soft or Hard riding mode?

DanieI Joseph says:

I would turn off the voice when powering up. Also the noise should be quiet like the ninebot. Also you should be able to pick up the unit without powering off. says:

Very nice thorough review! Thanks!

knifesketch101 says:

Do you like the ks16 better than the Ks14. I have the ks14 and I’m considering upgrading. Thanks

Rudy Sijnke says:

Hi! What’s the max. distance that you can ride on one single full charge? thanks!

Charles Maynard says:

is there an 18inch version? Does the handle work nicely? the app out yet?

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