Gotway MCM4 Electric Unicycle – First Ride and Extensive Review

Gotway MCM4 Full on real life review. Check it out for all the info you could need on this model.

The models you can get are:


Link to the MCM4 (Brand new the 680wh version will be £895 inc VAT): ………

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noisycarlos says:

I had the same problem spinning out a King Song. I then realized that the Ninebot I’m used to, spins out as soon as you lift it. But the KS (and apparently the gotway) keep trying to balance, even off the ground. so you actually have to tilt it forward or back to make it spin.

Alison Andrews says:

great review but it max speed should be like 34km/h or may be like around 30km/h i think

mokokawi says:

dont ignore your dog so much,give him a shout out every now and then,and pet him…..great review though 🙂

WheelGear says:

@Ian a couple of notes:

1. The modes can not be changed when moving. So you are on medium your whole test. I far prefer the hardest setting

2. The first 2 alarms are speed based, an experienced rider such as yourself should turn off the 1st & 2nd alarm which are speed based. The 3rd alarm is 80% power and can not be turned off.

3. You can turn off the tilt back on the MCM4 with the android app, the iOS no, but you can with the new iOS app. If you ride with tilt-off and obey the 80% alarm its 100% safe!

So, whilst I’m usually a huge fan of your review, I don’t think this one is fair. I’m 6’0 180lbs 200lb with my bag, I get 18-22 miles @ 16-19mph.

I’m the one who warned you on several occasions that the braking is not as powerful because of the reduced torque. The original got about 16mph with normal torque, they reduced the torque to raise the speed for westerners, that’s why braking is weaker.

gliderrider says:

Okay, but now I’m glad I bought the InMotion V8 for the quality.

jdestef says:

Doggie boy gettin big 🙂

Kickersoccer69 says:

As far as i know: when you try to set the riding modes while riding, this does not work! do it while standing still or even with new start…there is a big difference!

Wing Kit Chu says:

I am a beginner of euc and my first euc is mcm4. The max speed can goes up to around 35km/h. You can turn off the 1st&2nd alarms in the app

Marty Backe says:

Great video. I loved those slo-mo crash scenes 🙂

TinyFPV says:

Hi, thanks for your very informative video, do you think that the rubbing noise can be an issue that needs fixing with time or can it be left this way ?

DanieI Joseph says:

7:20 the airwheel charger has a threaded screw connector to keep it locked in. This is the airwheel connector with a different charger!
Airwheel are well built but not powerful enough though compared to others on the market now.
Imagine a Ninebot P with the the power of the MSUPER & with a usb port + the built in handle like the kingsong 🙂
# that would be game over 🙂

DanieI Joseph says:

Now you’ve ridden a few, what’s your favourite? MSUPER? Ninebot P or ACM16 or kingsong?

Erik Sahlin says:

Thanks for the review! I love the dog. The tip about the charger socket being loose was very helpful. It seemed the off road part was very truncated. First you were riding off road then you were back in the city with no real comment as to how well it did.

Larsbarst he says:

Are you also going to add acm??

Michael Rada says:

Great work thank you Ian, keep rolling

AHmad Albab says:

Ian , I just hate the cracking sound of the body shell. Seems like its going to crack out.

Charles Le says:

Which mono cycle would you suggest if climbing steep hills is one of my primary goals. I currently ride the Xima Lhotz, which is pretty powerful,, with it’s 1000 watt motor, but I want something even more powerful to tackle some of the steeper hills in San Franisco.

Ali Halabi says:

Ian thank you so much for doing these videos. Would be great if the camera (or you) was (were) closer during unboxing

T.J Combo says:

I learned how to ride unicycle with mcm 14. They guy I rented from claims it goes up to 40kmh but I was a beginner at that time so never went that high. I chose s2 because my girl like the look and plus we ride on busy street most of the time so no need for extra speed. But personally I still want msuper 3 lol

Leandro Quibem Magnabosco says:

Is it troublesome to buy it from Italy and get it delivered there? I will be in Italy in January or February and I have not found any similar prices for the MSuper V3 anywhere… 🙂

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