Gotway Monster 22inch 2400wh Electric Unicycle – First UK Review

Full on test of the Gotway Monster, the 2400wh electric unicycle. This thing really is a monster….in a good way 🙂

Check it out here:


SolarizeYourLife says:

They might want to add a 90° air pump adapter… love the frost finish, but as you pointed out not adhering very well… definitely needs mud flap, if you add a trolley handle might balance machine out, but then you said back is heavy… they can’t possibly make a better version, beyond better firmware…

Marty Backe says:

Fantastic Ian. I’ve been waiting for someone to provide a more in-depth look at the Monster. I really enjoy trail riding. Can you give me your impression on how it handles in terms of torque. Do you feel that it can climb steep dirt paths as well (or better) as the MSuper?

Сергей Любахин says:

Молодцы ребята.Удачи!

EU GUY says:

So at 45 kmh where my acm shut down, this will keep me upright 😀
Very cool video speedy! great fun and very informative

Jesse Benton says:

Thank you very much for this review!

Jeff Zahnd says:

Amazing review! Bit lengthy, bit informative :). Keep it up!

WageTube says:

Wow back at you, what’s up with the fan? Does this get so hot it needs a fan. I’m always leery of things that need cooling. Some of my notebooks have loud fans that are always turning on. That tells me some of my machines are running hot. As everyone knows heat is the sworn enemy of anything electronic with circuit boards and processors.

Dufisthenics says:

Thanks once again Ian for putting so much time and effort into doing a thorough review!

Sungwook Kim says:

I appreciate you much for spending much of your time and effort. Thinking of huge amount juice on it, it does not give longer distance than expected, probably due to its heaviness. Frustrating. For I am more interested in the range covered than other benefits.

joblessalex says:

At that speed, have fun dying!

Charles Le says:

you do the best reviews for these mono cycles. does this unit not have a pull out handle? I would hate to carry this around. Also, I really wish they allow you to turn down the volume on the beeping.

nambinhvu says:

I went max speed and it shut off and I fell flat lol 20mph. Luckily I only got forearm and knee scrapes, nothing broken.

Rudy Sijnke says:

Hi Ian, does it have a light sensor detector? (automaticly switching on at dark /off at daylight. Thanks, Rudy

Gulongrider says:

That was an amazing review. Thank you Ian 🙂

Ростислав Величко says:

What is the real angle of ascent and descent overcomes the wheel? And, What is the real distance?

DanieI Joseph says:

Good review Ian.
I think gotway should consult with you & get your feedback before releasing new models. The V3 is big enough, but this is massive. I can’t see that the even bigger wheel adds to the off road performance apart from just flicking more mud over yourself. The build quality looks ropey as it squeeks & the coating is already peeling. Plus no trolley handle.
Gotway, why not make a quality machine which is smaller / better looking with a quick charging clip in type removable battery, so you have the option to keep the weight down but also carry a spare if you want to. (sleek cordless drill lithium ion type) Also make the software & app accurate.
As for the beeping, it doesn’t even need to beep only just tilt you back.

robbie mills says:

hi do you sell these at all seen ur video great bit of kit cheers robbie

gliderrider says:

That 20% beeping thing seems like a major oversight. Still would love to try it. I think it would be a great wheel for us heavier guys. I rode my $230 14″ trainer today and it cut out at 1.4 miles! (Lots of hills) It crashed, but I didn’t. Lol Thank you for another great review. Hope Gotway is listening.

Flying Rat says:

I custom made a handle out of the Airwheel MarsRover! I am loving it (Marsrover) every minute wheeling (pushing that is!) the Monster everywhere where use is not possible!

Here is how it look if you are not bothered by nose being pokey!

Marco Domingos says:

hi I would like to buy one from you guys but in the UK I can’t use it outside.. do you have any idea when the law will change? Thank you

T.J Combo says:

I’m glad I didn’t rush to buy msuper v3. More options to think about next year

Matteo Cifelli says:

Thanks to your brilliant reviews I’m happy owner of 2 Minipro.

Ali Asghari says:

thanks Ian for your nice review.

So do you recommend Msuper V3 for an urban dayly use, in comparison to the Monster?

jacques-hubert RAYNAUD says:

Thank you for this review. i’m an happy owner of this monster, but a beginner too, and it make me happy every day ! happy new year to your all team !

William Suquilanda says:

do u know any link were can u buy it?

Bourrasseau Roland says:

belle bête! belle présentation merci Speedy Feet UK . Mais après le GW Msuper3 820wh je choisi le Ms3 1600wh rapport qualité/prix/poids/distance

Kirill Obraztsov says:

have these things improved? cant decide between this and the kingsong 18. i like the bigger wheel on this and the max speed at 30 mph when the KS is like 25 mph. but the ks should be ezer to maneuver, tho this one doesnt seem too bad. the KS also has a seat and 4 speakers on it and charges faster, tho its batt is half of this one. any opinions guys?

Ray Des says:

Hmmm … time to upgrade from previous GWays 16, 18 now ITS 22inches 2400 ! Brilliant !
Thanks for the info … Hey Ian … some irritation here . How would you deal to the ignoramus of the police and subcontrators like G4s telling not to use our unicycle anywhere ? The British Transport Act of 1988 only deals with accident reporting and noncompliance. One policeman said ” you must be licence !” and told him – as per telephone conversation with a staff – the description of Electric Unicycle is not covered by DVLA. So where do you go to clear the air here in the UK – while other countries are accepting and loving this devices with open arms and delight. UK is restricting tehnological progress. Anyone here to start a petition to the UK NGO’s ? Grey area Hey ?

Wes Lambert says:

Thanks for the safety tips about high speed use. It was great to see that you’re no nutter, pushing the max to 48 kmph. 45 is good and quick, honestly 30 is fine by me

Steve Van Nevele says:

Amazing and helpfull review!!! i am an msuper v3 680wh owner and i must admit that after mine learning period, i love using msuper v3 so much that i drive it almost everyday in the summer… but i didn make a good choice about the battery capacity… :S 680wh is not that great … i am looking foward to buy new gotway product maybe this monster will be good choice for me… i am not quite sure wich battery i gonna take 2400 or 1600wh price different is alot so .. is it worth the extra cash? oh in the video review you say something if the mainboard fails your peddles will drop down very quicly on this part i am very affraid if i ride on any unicycle that this can happen you know.. :/ i saw people at low speeds crashing because of their mainboard blew up… this is my biggest concern of all these products is there not a safety procedure in order to prevent this.? thanks

charlesrg says:

You’re going to run out of batteries on the dog before the euc.

Keith Lawrence says:

hi. excellent review. what app are you using on your phone ????

Kickersoccer69 says:

Hy Ian!
I am not completly with you with the 20% warning….

The main point on the 20% warning is not that you still have a decent range….when you come to the 20% you are that low on voltage, that a Overlean could lead to a cutout, and that stays the same, even on this massive batterie…..Its no difference if you have a 800wh or a 2400wh batterie…as soon ys you reach this low percentage, on both batteries you are on exactly the same voltage!
Yip…you have more range on the 2400wh, but the dangerous is that a “massive powersurge” like a big hill, big bump or overlean can bring the wheel over the “razors edge”….and cutout…

Sure! Its annoying beeping, and could/should be presented a bit less nervewrecking.

What this highspeed of the new GW’s belongs….i am really afraid, that the time will come when we will have the first dead person from an highspeed EUC!
Unfortunatly some people dont understand there is no redundance at all, and/or that every EUC just cut’s out when brought over the edge……

Ryan Mcintosh says:

It’s too big! Might as well get an electric scooter.

ben wilson says:

Hey Ian, can you do a review for the climb angle the monster can achieve? I did one for msuper 3 s+ on YouTube under my channel bw5500 a few months back. Just curious to see the difference. I also topped out at 45kph. Great review!

FMTFXE22 says:

Where can we buy them in the USA?

hammyrocks69r says:

Don’t sound safe at all man a wheel that big.

babajota says:

Hi Ian! I am watching your reviews cuite a long time, and really appreciate of what you doing. Just one remark, if you accept – buy yourself small stabulizer for camera, like Zhiyun Rider M, or something like that. It will make your videos even better!

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