Inmotion V10F Electric Unicycle: First 100 Miles – POV Riding Impressions

Order your Inmotion V10/V10F here:
Bell Super 3R MIPS Helmet:
187 Killer Pads Wrist Guards:

V10/V10F Specs:
Range: V10 43 miles max, V10F 55-62 miles max
Motor Power: V10 1800W, V10F 2000W (sustained for long periods, can peak much higher)
Battery: V10 8.8AH 650WH, V10F 12.8AH, 960WH
Charging Time: V10 6 hours, V10F 8 hours
Speed: 25 mph
Climbing Angle: 30 degrees
Tire: 16 x 2.5 in
Weight: 45.4 lbs
Payload: 260 lbs
IP Rating: IP55
Active Cooling System for high-performance internal components
Lights: Front, rear, and side LED (fully customizable in app, can be turned off with or w/o app)
Charger Output: DC 84V* 1.5A
Advanced in-app statistics give you access to data to track your performance and usage habits
Engineered from the ground up for optimal weight distribution and uncompromising form factor

-Filmed with the Sony FDR-X3000 4K Action Camera
-Hat Clip mount:

A slightly outdated list of video equipment: Patreon:

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Ryan James Noble says:

So KS16s or V10F?

I stay in a city but lots of mixed terrain. KS16b handles it all quite well, but yeah do you have a comparative opinion on a KS16s to the V10f?

Royce Barber says:

Edit – From reading more comments, the KingSong may be the option for me, out of weighing less. So the following text is an optional read. <3

Thank you so so much for this informative video. Much of today I was trying to find a good deal on the KingSong 16s which is one of the most popular unicycles because it has good torque and distance and super-tight responsiveness if you intentionally travel back and forth rapidly. So... Do you have experience comparing the KingSong 16s with this fancy new InMotion V10F? The V10 without the F seems to be a lot cheaper, the same price as the KingSong 16s. So that all makes me wonder which of the two modern wheels would be good for me. I need power for riding out in the country and up moderate hills, and I think the 16s would be able to provide that for me. I imagine the 16s weighs a lot less, which would be a factor for me. I can't afford the F model you're riding here. Anywho... One other nice thing is the inMotion wheels are available about anywhere. While the warranty on the KingSong 16s is only valid if I buy from an Official partner...and eWheels is one of their only official usa partners. Much to think about.

The Necropolis with Necrumbuss says:

What are your thoughts about leaving it outside with a bike lock

Acácio Bernardo says:

The V5F after climbing for 3 miles and steep hill will alert you to get off and will need to power off and cool for a few minutes. Will this not happen anymore with the V10? I really would like so. I have ordered one V10. And I need to ride this hill next to my home. So this is a big issue to me.

eamh2002 says:

Are these dangerous? I recently tried going full speed on a regular $300 hoverboard and stopping from full speed is very sketchy. Man the thing wants to steer left and right and sway around before slowing down. I had to jump off the first time cause I felt like I’ll bang my head into asphalt soon 😀

Yaroslav Olegovich says:

I want this as soon as possible!!!

Izunami says:

I have the dual wheel Inmotion V3S but goddamn the maintenance is the most annoying part because I have to ship it all the way back to Florida from NY and its $60 to ship whenever anything breaks and I did have some problems with it that had to be fixed,but its fun to ride nonetheless though.

Rigged for Epic says:

Great review so thanks for that. How does it perform in the rain? I mean do these Unicycles get damaged when running in heavy rain or are the internals well sealed from water? Cheers

MoToR RR says:

Your “redundancy and a lot of safety” remark is misleading and based on wrong assumption of controller redundancy.
The summary of the review sounded to me like “the wheel is okay, but the safety features are really great”. But are they? What are these safety features?

Phil Fastmike says:

Sorry another question: you mentionned redundancy and said ‘when one board fails the other kick in…’. I was under the impression that there is only one physical board on the V10F. InMotion communication is not very clear on that in the way some charts shows 2 different CPU when others speaks about a single, dual core CPU, which is of course not the same since dual core CPU do not offer any redundancy! They are also quiet old fashion compare to today multiple core CPUs. So to make it short, do you happen to know if the V10 is equiped with two CPUs or only with one dual core CPU? Thanks

thefliplife1 says:

In cabin noise is a little high, but looks nice for what it is.

scarface548 says:

Great review man! I live in a big city and breaking is critical. Which wheel do you recommend for city riding?

Transcdent says:

Is this good for begginers? Can Im start my adventure with this or you not reccomended ??

Jo be says:

Excellent, detailed reviewed. My Christmas gift. I have a v8…love it! Inmotion? Good quality!

sweetserg says:

so if you set your sensitivity to high, you will start and stop a lot faster right!?!?!

Inmotion SCV says:

Greet Review!

TheTopher says:

If you’re curious about headlight brightness, here’s the link to the night riding video:

EZhel says:

The handle is a disaster. Not only it’s hard to operate with one hand and it’s loose and creaky, it also collects dirt right where you hold it, and that can’t be fixed.
V10F has nowhere even remotely near “60 miles of range”.
All in all, there’s no point in buying V10F with KS18L on sale.

Michael Paolini says:

Have you had any over heating issues with the V10f?

Anselwithmac says:

I have a ninebot s1 a1. How would this compare to that? I hate having a 12mph limit

Tedward says:

next time i try one of these, I will need to learn on grass lol. Cody’s driveway was asking for a head injury!

Вадим Андронов says:

Gay’s shining sucks!!! Espacially for ugly perverts in pindostan!:)))

Mono Wheelist says:

How did you figure out that ” _you can actually pretty easily overlean this when leaning back_ ” 5:08? _Did_ you actually overlean it?

Bob Yan says:

Great review, thanks Chris.

Jack Ol'Bean says:

how would you compare joy of riding/carving to onewheel? what happens when power dies?

Steve Martin says:

Looking at all EUCs, I am surprised that none of them seem to integrate any security features, i.e. key, a hasp for cable lock. I’d like to be able to lock it somewhere rather than wheel it around a store. Thoughts?

Ather Syed says:

Your buddy is in Minneapolis? I am looking for EUC rider in MN. Can you connect me with him.

Ganjel Lawang says:

Yeah you sneakerhead need this

El Lel Official says:

Nice bra

U-Stride says:

Is it really 60Miles of range?


Buena Review pero hubiera estado bien que subiera los adoquines que tenías cerca de donde andabas para comprobar la fuerza de subida. A ver si tengo pronto la mía y hago una review en castellano.

praystation says:

This is official inventist licensed?

Mike says:

now I want it

MoToR RR says:

“Some negative feedback for the last few weeks on the handle?” NO, the wobble in the handle is there for years since the V5 optional handle, which lock mechanism I suspect V10 simply reuses as is. It is annoying, it feels cheap it has no excuse whatsoever and it does not belong on the expensive flag-ship model as V10F was supposed to be.
It wasn’t made loose to be easy to put up and down, it’s just bad design and manufacturing tolerance.
It’s like saying that car doors wobble on hinges, but it’s just to open and close more easily, or bike front wheel wobbles, but it turns easily. That’s just bad design.

Bigmac 0678 says:

Today I was riding my INMOTION v10F and when I went high speed I got the wobbles like CRAZY do you happen to know any tips to not have wobbles at high speeds

steven Cau says:

would this be a good unit for a new rider? 220lbs

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