InMotion V10F Electric Unicycle — Ride & Review

Ride and short review of the new InMotion V10F Electric Unicycle

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Acácio Bernardo says:

The V5F after climbing for 3 miles and steep hill will alert you to get off and will need to power off and cool for a few minutes. Will this not happen anymore with the V10? I really would like so. I have ordered one V10. And I need to ride this hill next to my home. So this is a big issue to me.

Zdeněk Horák says:

Do you have high pitch noise (very high frequency constant sound) when your V10 is idle standing still? Mine has this problem and I am wondering whether it might be defective. It’s pretty loud (much much louder than on my V5).

babajota says:

Hope it will not cut off on that +- 40km per hour… Or you will learn real meaning of word PAIN. I fall from EUC on that speed.. Broken arm and it took 1 year to restore (still like 70% though). Now my speed on ANY manufacturer’s EUC never exceed’s 25kph.. Have a safe ride!

Jeffrey Will says:

Nice job! You’re definitely cruisin on that thing.

U-Stride says:

How is your wheel hold up since you got it? Great video? Any major issues so far?

lucymuffin30 says:

Beautiful ! I want!!!!

Antonio Rodríguez says:

Real range?

steven partee says:

Well made video! You should share it on the forum in the video thread.

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