InMotion V8 480wh Review Speedy Feet

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Martin Birrell says:

Great review. Seems like the competition between wheel brands is stepping up. I wonder when the Penny-farthing wheel (Gotway Msuper) will have competition wheel size wise. Will be looking forward to that.

Lake DualSport says:

Not sure if you are familiar with the inmotion v5f if so what is the realistic range on it? Also is it fast enough where you are not left wanting more speed as you are with the ninebot? I’m torn between buying a ninebot a v5f or a king song 14d. Maintenance will also be a concern for me I want to have fun, not work on a wheel all the time. Enjoy your videos and appreciate any insight you can share.

Doctor Brown says:

so Ian, how do you feel about the higher profile of the inmotion v8? It sits higher than the 9bot e+. does it feel less nimble and maneuverable because of the elongated body hitting the inside of your legs?

Mathias Grundell says:

Let me know if you sorted to get the rubber cover for the charger in, did the same. =D

Thanks for an awesome service, one day delivery to Sweden and after a try, could not be happier.
Still miss the S2 a bit, smaller and a bit more agile, but going to give it some time and see how it feels after that.

Clifford van Slimming says:

Great! This movie made me buy one from you guys! I don’t see any spare parts listed on your site to buy however? Will that be the case in the near future? Like protective sleeve or anything?

Jef Malotte says:

Good idea, the strap

rolauk says:

Great review, as always.

kimchee94112 says:

Nice review. little surprised on the short range, probably due to off road conditions. Should have plan B on getting back home.

Guess mO says:

Hi Speedy feet, very nice review. I’m just suprised that you covered only 14 miles (22km) with the battery fully charged…From what I gathered on others reviews and forums is more like 30-37km range. is it due to your offroad track which drains much more battery than an urban use??

Tony Scrivens says:

Hi Ian I have two Questions for you are testing in the old Rank Xerox complex? I only ask because I used to work there a long time ago.Second Question Lets talk Kingsong 16s I think the Inmotion V8 is good but I think you will find the 16S is better I am about to buy it but would like to hear your opinion. Thank you for the good reviews.

Steven Van says:

Where is the King Song 18S review?

Issah Wywin says:

I really appreciate the amount of effort you put into these reviews. Thanks pal.

NoNamesLeftFuk says:

Hey Ian, really in love with the commuter wheel. I love my msuper for mountain biking but is just a bit to heavy for NYC. Can you take the v8 to a skate park when it gets a bit more banged up? I’ve been curious if eucs like this can get down and up a U-ramp like a skateboard. Also what video drone do you use?

Ray Broussard says:

I purchased this wheel about six months ago and I love it, wouldn’t change anything! This wheel has so much to offer in a very sleek, light weight and affordable package, the build quality is just amazing as well…. I dont even look at my ninebot anymore!

Michael Mnich says:

That’s exactly the knowledge that I need for using my V8. I’ve bought it already used with about 330kms and it works well. I’ve made with it about 140kms plus. Thx a lot for your helpful reviews. Michael from Danndorf in Germany

Andre Mostert says:

Great review. The different riding angles in the video creates a nice touch. Looks and sounds like the Ninebot P replacement is here.
– Wonder how easy it is to repair the tyre and the side panels coming off
– How good would it be with rain (Waterproofness)
– Any different stats you get in the app.

jdestef says:

Nice. Sweet spot for this unit. Good speed, good range, good form factor. Maybe time to pawn off my 2x E+’s and upgrade.

Lillian says:

I love seeing kids in these because I’m an adult about the height of a kid 🙂 I’m not going to get one due to NYC regulations, but cool vid.

boy TokyoGets says:

awesome ! Review.
I will buy it now…..(Hardcore sound)

vj lockett says:

Very sad that a competitor bought Inmotion and sold the stock they had left at $1600 per unit up from $1000 and seemed to of taken it out of production now so they can sell there own inferior junk for a higher price. Rather than try and make something as good as the V8 for as cheap they just decided to squash the competition and sell overpriced junk

Blackenedification says:

name of the songs please!

Jesse Benton says:

I always love your unboxings!

Jo be says:

Excellent review Ian!! We are all waiting on your v10 next. Thank you

Guillermo Fernandez says:

Thanks for your videos and reviews, It is help me a lot and enjoy.
I have a question, I’m learning/destroying with a second hand unicycle of a chinese brand very bad, I think that the poor quality is stoping my progression (only wheel me 01). The question is if you recomends me continue with 16″ like gotway amc or inmotion v8, or jump directly with MSuper3…that is my final target. Thanks, regards. Guille.

Andrei Petunin says:

At last! This should be good 🙂

Michal Lukacovic says:

Thank you so much for such a brilliant review!!! It actually helped me with the decision. I have bought this wheel and it is really great!

Just a question… Do you have any experience with the rain? The specs say IP54, I just wonder if I can rely on it. I am riding it every day to work here in Ireland and I am still afraid to ride it in the rain, so I am covering it with a piece of plastic foil on the top. What do you recon? Should I forget about the foil and feel more free to use it as it is, even in the rain?
Thanks for your feedback…

Miguel Diaz says:

the best tester thumbs up

Сергей Гнатенкин says:

12:32 у меня Колесо виляет на такой дороге. У вас такое было?

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