Inmotion V8 vs. V3F Pro vs. Segway One S1 / In-Depth Ownership Comparison

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Segway One S1:

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Evan 792 says:


Alan Ross says:

how do they handle going downhills ?

John Chau says:

You gotta get your hands on a Gotway Monster, 22″ and review it ! Thanks!

Nate d90 says:

Two bros, chillin’ on a parkbench. 3 feet apart cuz they’re not gay.

Kickersoccer69 says:

guys….you should drive a REAL electric unicycle….like a Kingsong 16 or 18 or Gotway Acm or msuper! you will lough about the V8 🙂 Also: the V8 is noww called “the glide” , as solowheel bought by inmotion, and now costs 50% more!!! 1500 bucks instead of 1000!!!

Ryan Crane says:

Curious your thoughts on the V8 vs. the new Gotway Tesla once it’s released!

Eddie Moy says:

How about the King Song KS-16S? Or the Gotway Msuper V3+?

Livintil Idie says:

I bought the V3.  I am 54 years old.  I am enjoying it, but, it has not been easy to learn to ride.  I don’t know if my age has anything to do with it, or if I just have terrible balance, but after 3 weeks of working at it I still have not ‘mastered’ it.

Andrei Petunin says:


Livintil Idie says:

I love how you customized the sounds for your friend Nate… hilarious!

Daniel Alvim says:

which your choice between V3F Pro Vs. Ninebot MiniPro? Thanks.

Claudevir Zanfolin says:

I´ve made up my mind. Thanks!

Adrian LogoQRcode says:

if you listen to those guys too long the become to annoying.. like never get to the point.. or something..

SolarizeYourLife says:

I wish I bought the v3 instead of the airwheel version… I would never recommend any airwheel unicycle…

Venda Qiu says:

I love the led lights of inmotion V8

Danster547 says:

Ok, here’s my question for you. Would an electronic unicycle be ideal for going door to door passing out flyers? I do lawncare and putting out flyers is a huge help for my business. I was considering getting the “mini segway” for about $600. It has a range of maybe 15 miles and a top speed of 12. In your opinion would I be better off buying the mini segway or an electronic unicycle?

Or is there a better way I haven’t yet thought of? Walking for hours on end is extremely tiring. Thank you for any input!

Richard Khalife says:

I’d like to see a comparison between these electric unicycles to a Ninebot Mini Pro. Thoughts? thanks

Zsavage1 says:

G’z trying to sell the V8 much? a bit over selling here.. someone is getting paid well…lol The V8 sucks… no cup holder for MA BEER!!!

SuperPussyFinger says:

Superb review, guys. I’m sold.

kuribo says:

Thank you for the review. I was able to understand the pros and cons before purchasing one of these. They all look great. I will probably go for the V8 \(^o^)/わかりやすいレビュー!どれ買おうかな~(>o<)

sponge720 says:

Can you guys look at the SWAGTRON SwagRoller? The price is very compelling, but want to confirm its performance and quality. Thanks. BTW, best, most passionate review for these unicycles I’ve seen yet. Glad you guys are having so much fun!

Nick Ragan says:

Look like Ewheel is no longer selling the V8. I cant find the V8 sold anywhere in the US. They are all out of stock.

Ewheels say they are replacing it with KingSong K16S..
Let’s get some review on that 840WH bad boy.

Kenndy Lay says:

Do you recommend Kingsong 16A 680WH or Inmotion v8 480WH assuming they are at the same price? Please help me pick. This is a trade of between noise and distance.

atenrok says:

Once you mentioned iPhone my interest changed to scepticism. If apple product is your baseline for technology advancement — I roll my eyes at you.

geniegogo says:

interesting and varied review. The 2-wheel’ed InMotion you have to learn to tip it when turning. It will turn very quickly when you tip it, you just have to get used to it.

chrinamint says:

So I saw your Kingsong 14S videos before seeing this. I’d like to know now – do you prefer the KS14S over these? Because your video, the 2nd one you did on that, completely sold me and now I just don’t want anything but that. (Of course, I’ve since discovered the price difference between the 14S and 14D, and I might have to choose the D instead…if I can ever save up enough money for one!!).

ProtagonistNonTheist says:

After riding the V3 for one week I had enough experience to feel like it was really slow. I keep wanting to go faster but it keeps leaning back and saying “danger!” But I spent 500 on it and don’t feel like selling it and spending a G on the V8. Not to mention I like having 2 wheels and it’s slightly more compact than the V8 so for now I will just deal with the slow speed.

Robert Stein-Holzheim says:

test the airwheel a3!

Dony Portillo says:

I want the Segway but I have a problem with buying stuff and getting bored of things easy. Also don’t think I can his it from my wife. Last I’m 270lbs it can’t support my man frame. I need motivation!

theDigited says:

All three are crap comparing to GotWay MCM4 HS series, even latter lacking disable button or handle. The 680 Wh model has outstanding range and power and speed.

Uday Shankar says:

Hands down.. this is the best review I have seen on unicycles on youtube. People should learn how to do reviews from this video. Almost all the other reviews focus on the features and for the expert unicyclist. Good work, guys!

OcTo_OdZ says:

2:33 the laugh and just straight to the point!!!!!!!

gliderrider says:

Question: When does the ‘tilt back’ occur on the S1? Or can it be ridden at 12 mph?The s1 is $300 now on Amazon! (As of 12-11-17) Maybe I can get my V8 back from my 10 year old.

Zs Sz says:

great video guys,thanks a lot. I own a 9B1-S2, which is faster than the S1 model. starting to get used to it, and as u mentioned, the 24kmh speed limit starts to kick in. The V8 seems just too big for now, but for sure it will be a good option for future upgrade. cheers

Daniel Lu says:

good review

TheLifeOnHigh says:

Why is he wearing flip flops? Looks like a douche.

William Robinson says:

Awesome review! Will definitely take this review into consideration when I buy one! I have a few questions; How well do they work in the rain and snow???, are they semi water proof/weather proof or do you have to ride them only when it’s nice out? Also what about the warranties on them?

Stan Lee says:

so if you could only have one?

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