IPS i5 Electric Unicycle FULL UK Real Life Review

Full review, its a long one, but hopefully full of informative nuggets and a bit of fun! Enjoy!

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Regarding the beeping downhill (Long beep) we have the following from IPS:

“..when you ride downhill the potential energy will transfer to electric energy, and the battery cell voltage will be up, more than 4.2v, it will beep. even only one battery cell is over 4.2v, but at same time, the battery capacity may not 100%….”


1. I didnt go ‘Hands Free’ I actually went ‘Free Hand’


Missile Dropkick says:

Any idea how waterproof it is?

MisterBassBoost says:

Brilliant work! Keep it up!

Aidy Wellock says:

could you stand any further away?

rolldeepNASA says:

I notice there’s no temperature gauge in the app… maybe that’s where the beeping comes from?

D P says:

exact weight?

Michael Rada says:

Great test Ian, as usual, does the long BEEP on downhill stopped completely? I wonder if the charging time can drop to reasonable 60 to 90 minutes and if IPS open the 30 km/h speed limit same as on other devices. I spoke with them and it is just SW lock.

C Straley says:

Does it regenerate power to the battery when going downhill?

Glen Vella says:

the long beep is probably overcharging the battery due to regenerative braking. motor cut off is because of high rpm with minimal power required. you pin pointed out all the IPS characteristics… at least from the LHOTZ onwards to my experience

peter harrison says:

I guess the beeping going down hill is when the battery is near full so regen is limited

rolldeepNASA says:

lol @ 33:08

MisterBassBoost says:

Good video! Keep it up!

LittleMrTree says:

Did you report the issue with the constant beeping when driving downhill to IPS?

noisycarlos says:

33:44 lol

Lewis Foster says:

another fantastic review, thanks Ian & John!

ramnneek singh says:

How does it compare to the luffy…like weight and speed wise? Thanks for the review!

Marty Backe says:

Great review. John’s intro in the woods was hilarious. As other have said, I think the beeping when going down hill was due to the battery being full. The Gotway wheels will beep when the battery is fully charged and you are going down a steep hill ‘slowly’. I thought all wheels did that to prevent you from over-charging the battery. Did that little manual have anything useful to say (probably not).

Jacobim Jacobīm says:

25:38 imagine trying that with any other wheel haha

yueyue wang says:

Hi, this is yueyue. Really good video!
It is the battery over-voltage protection.
We set the battery at an exact voltage to make sure the battery safe. Such as we keep the battery cell voltage below at 4.2v, when it is higher than 4.2v, it will beep to remind you. While, when you ride it downhill, potential energy will transfer and cause the battery cell voltage over 4.2v, then it will beep. When you go on riding it, when voltage below 4.2v, it will stop beep. It is an protection set.
Great video!

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