Is the King Song KS14D the Best Value Electric Unicycle? Comprehensive Riding Review

This might just be the best valued (and one of the most fun) self-balancing electric unicycles on the market, I dig it!
Check out the KS14D here:

-Filmed with the Sony FDRX3000 4K Action Camera

A slightly outdated list of video equipment:
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Dion Forster says:

Thanks for the great review. I have a Kingsong KS 14 C that I ride in Cape Town. It is a lovely wheel. I bought it secondhand from a friend who upgraded to the Kingsong KS 16 D (I think it is the 16 D). However, what makes the 14 great is that it is so portable and light. It is much easier to get into the trunk of your car, or on and off a bus.

romel 4life says:

I wonder how it handles and snow

bobagopaaa says:

the future is hear

erik thompson says:

How does it do in the rain or when it is wet outside?

Roberto Gutierrez Mourente says:

KS14S or KS16S?

Connor Smyers says:

i hope you see this – which can cruise faster? This or the Inmotion V8?

Acácio Bernardo says:

Question: I have an inmotion and the only thing that bothers me is when I climb a slip road after some time the battery warms a lot and it stops with an alert to let it cool. Does this one also do that?

AJ Ro says:

found your youtube because I recently went to Paris as well and saw these all over! and got interested in them (:

so awesome to find your channel! lol

Lillian says:

I love the couple. Excellent review.

Rey Coen says:

We also tested electric unicycles. Here is our unbiased review

june says:

you look very cool and good video!

Pesar25 says:

Great review thanks. I should really buy one some day. It is cheaper than a smartphone.

Jay h says:

Damn at least try save some bitches for the rest of us

AndyMahnFL411 says:

Great review; liked the review within the review. Just received the 14D today (black), charging it up now.

Lillian says:

I’ve always feared these but I see them a lot in NYC. I have two Segways and I’m good on it, so to hear you say it’s like a Segway functionally makes me less afraid to try one.

Scarmax20I8 says:

Lol, future is now.

Voltron512 says:

Nice couple

M Buck says:

You make it look so easy to ride (and stay on) this thing.
Looks like fun.

LapSiLap says:

My v8 got stolen.. ordered this yesterday, cant wait!

Bien Crafts says:

Hey, can you test going down the stairs? Or does it get damaged?

RussianPinay says:

I love my Kingsong 14S. Use it to go to office and cruise around

Xu David says:

This is really a cool thing,Can you show off more ??????

Kael says:

Lol, love the interruption! It happens ALLLL the time as an owner!

TheTopher says:

If you’re interested in learning more about this wheel, check it out here:

geniegogo says:

yeah your riding is getting better. Looking more natural.

Gulongrider says:

Great video. Everything you said I can only confirm. Riding the 14D close to a year now.

eddrush209mph says:

Best and latest 14 inch model to go for is the ‘KS-14s 840wh battery’ (that’s 70 km/43 mile) range. And it’s basically thee Best 14 inch Electric Unicycle on the market, period! You won’t have any regrets. They have 680wh capacity too, but might as well go for the 840wh model in case you may ever need the extra range.

tOnY O says:

have you taken it off any sweet jumps

gliderrider says:

Another great review!

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