Learning How To Ride: Electric Unicycle

Wondering what it takes to learn to ride an electric unicycle? Most people can learn, but it is like picking up a new skill similar to learning how to ride a bike. You can do it by yourself, and you just need a little practice.

Featured in the video: Glide 3 with protective cover. Available at https://www.myinmotion.com/products/electric-unicycle-solowheel-glide-3


Aelia Yousaf says:

i can imagine these being really hard on the chins and ankles – is that the case?

Rich Laue says:

I’ve been riding unicycles for 50 years and find these SBUs just as cool.
BTW it took me about 5 minutes to get the hang of the electric unicycle.

Andrei Petunin says:

Probably the fastest way to learn! Thank you. When can we expect the V10Fs in the UK please?

Becker's Rs says:

I am sooo tempted but also afraid =) I use electric k scooters , bikes etc but almost no skateboard or roller blade xp..

Marco Polo says:

Approximately how long it take to feel at ease on that?

Shad0z says:

i learned it “The Hard Way”
it can also work. and you will learn it in an hour
but it will be torture

basically standholding a wall.. try to step on it while holding the wall. and push yourself foward. tilt slightly foward. and turn in the direction the wheel is falling.

but i wish i did it this way

Andrey Utochkin says:

Thank you for the useful lesson))

GhostOfDaniel says:

I’m trying to learn with a new Glide 3 I just bought. Unfortunately I already scratched it up. Wish it came with a cover for learning! I sprained my ankle two months ago and this thing requires a lot of ankle strength which is making it even more difficult to learn.

William Clsator says:

It’s been a week since receiving my very first solo wheel and I’m sure that I would still be spilling out and letting the wheel get away from me, if not for this tutorial. On my first day, within hours I was riding without incident. By the end of the day I was riding with complete confidence. Great Job!

Peter Brierley says:

This is about the best method i’ve seen for learning to ride euc. Have been teaching riders for approx 4+ yrs and this is close to how we have people up ar going usually in 20 to 30 minutes. All the older vids on learning are outdated.
Thanks for posting

Keoki johnson says:

I didn’t know there were 3 products

Frank 13 says:

U keep talking man ;just show how fast is it

lolsa123 says:

im salty, why isn’t there a v8 retailer in sweden 🙁 or v10 that seems to be your recent one? 😮

Ray Crosmy says:


Barry Kean says:

The only way this cool thong works is …the earth is flat .look into this cool toys main reason for staying upright with easy force of you on it ……try Plaines. Wink wink

Remi Z says:

Is there anyone is San Francisco who can practice with me? I need some help

Chia Wildy says:

Thanks. Very informative video!

Claudia Hansen says:

Mission Bay, San Diego?

Wolf Katzer says:

Great vid .. thanks a lot ..quick question to the inmotion guys – do you offer a protective bag for the v10f as well ? I know that you offer that for the v8 …what about the v10f ?

Thanks !

ohfuku says:

At last!!! THANK YOU!!! A video that offers decent tips on how to get on a EUC … I have been riding on of these for over a year but I still cannot figure out how to get on it without holding on to a pole :/ The way u describe and show it is a lot simpler to understand than a lot of other peeps ( including my mate who runs the London EUC club xD ) I saw u teach the guys on braille skateboarding – that shows how easy these things are to ride once ure up on em 😉 Ive got a vid on my channel that shows me completely w******d, unable to walk in a straight line – but still manages to ride the EUC for 6 miles @ night without stopping …easier to learn than a pedal bike once u realise how they work 🙂 ….. Inmotion – please setup a decent UK store that offers finance as not everyone can afford £500 + shipping fees in one go, there are a lot of peeps interested in these in the uk – the the means to get one is a lot harders than the rest of the world – would love to own a V3 S 😀

elektro mechanici says:

Thank you

Richard Lin says:

Other than getting really dizzy spinning in a circle, your video has been extremely helpful for me as a first timer! This is definitely the best instruction out there. Thank you for making it!

Revan Alleando says:

I want it most

T says:

One of the best tutorial videos I have ever seen. Well done. I learned a lot

Electric Unicycles EU says:

Great tutorial! Really, covers everything

Big Homie says:

It hurt my calves. Any tip

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