Navigate the great indoors with Honda’s UNI-CUB motorized unicycle

Read the CNET review:
Tired of trudging through the mall? Honda’s “personal mobility device,” or motorized unicycle, may save you from the trek one day.

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gjmob says:

Do Mugen do a kit for it?

Jin says:

when does the VTEC kick in?

Putin the Great says:

thank God for this technology, we can finally get around malls! I’ve always hated not being able to get a around a mall. How cool would it be if humans were born with some natural way to move around?

Randomeverythingboy everythingboy says:

who else thought of pokemon go when they saw this

Manimal Planet says:

Guys this is for older folks

apophisdd says:

Incorporate a shitter and I’m sold.

Hellfax says:

Kind day looks like a drivable toilet…

el5pk says:

Fatties from Wall-E here we comeeeeeeee

Jonathan Perlo says:


Christophe Blot says:

just a few more steps from uber fat humans from Wall-E

BobEckert56 says:

My balls are big enough to get in the way so it’s not for me. They need to make a version for the 400lb monsters the earlier versions will create.

Zachary F says:

I looked this up and found reviews dating back 2 years ago. . . you’re late again, Cnet

heresteven says:

Perfect to make our fat asses bigger


Great tech to keep on winning your obesity race! Never move your fat ass, neverrrrrrrrr

Jeff Blue says:

Will they make one for fat people?

Yurriaan Van Duyn says:

Wall-E flashback hit hard…

Sherzad Haji says:

0:47 Looks like she’s sitting on a mobile toilet seat

Benjamin McCausland says:

You can’t not like this

0riginal _Panda_Child says:

We are a pitiful species

vaids nomiss says:

got me with the cute girl…… nice move..

kurupter458 says:

Drive by paper cuts for all@

Evan Chesterman says:

Reminds me of the movie walle

Rodney says:

great tech for lazy people

Alphie Och says:

I love to see the bts

emacicc says:

wall-e fatsoes are getting closer!

Karol Bała says:

Will vtec kick in yo?

Sacha Turkot says:

ill keep on walking i need those muscles

Sam S says:

Honda knows exactly who we (Americans) are, and what we like. Yet another hi-tech “device” for the fat and lazy. Honestly who needs this?

Bruce Doan - MyLifeIn4K says:

If you constantly run to the border then add another $300 to get a portable toilet also. the aroma on the move… lol…

Kashfi Fahim says:

She’s mad cute

thatguy444444 says:

This is the worst idea ever for human health

Jose Nicolas says:

And to made racing ?

Zarihs Retoucher says:

I like walking

Wehiremonkeys says:

I can only hope Honda doesn’t advertise these. Otherwise people would obey the advertising and drive them drunk on their way to the fast (junk) food chain while playing Pokemon Go.

zero11010 says:

Making the humans in Wall-E happen faster is a great idea! If there’s one thing that can be said about society today it’s that we need to find ways to burn fewer calories.

Syed Rehan Shah says:

this technology will make us more lazy and obese..

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