Nimbus Hatchet Unicycle Ride Review

All new 2016 Nimbus Hatchet 26er Municycle! Love this amazing all-terrain Muni machine!

Terry “UniGeezer” Peterson
Not “2” Tired


auxpowerunit says:

This Hatchet is exactly what I wanted 2 years ago, when I built my Nimbus Oregon. They even chose the same disk brake and color scheme that I used on my Oregon ! Now, the problem is that I won’t be allowed to buy another unicycle unless I sell my other ones.

1M Views says:

Terry can you get a 6 ft tall unicycle and review it? I love your videos keep up the great work.

jugglerjim01 says:

Seen the cantilever design before (as a novelty). Does it really make that much difference?

Steve Jenneson says:

That is the coolest looking thing I have ever seen! thanks for the awesome video

leadpan says:

Hey Terry, just ordered my 29″ Hatchet. Stock 3″ tire isn’t fatty enough for me; do you recommend I get the 5.05″ Snow tire for it?

stilkus says:

cool unicycle, where do I sign up for the giveaway ?

Andrea Rojas Contreras says:


Adam DeZolt says:

dude that thing is a beast! I’d love to try that fat tire out. have fun on it

ambivalent ambiguity says:

Looks like Nimbus nailed it. Love that plop-in-the-water shot, btw.

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