Nimbus Nightfox 36er Unicycle Ride & Review:

Thanks to Anakin Peace and Liz Wilson for being part of the video!

Terry “UniGeezer” Peterson
Over 60, & not “2” Tired


Cycle Path bicycle recycling says:

your pretty cool unigeezer. and you still have your original hips.

Luke Newby says:

is th s t tje same technique as riding a stund unicycle

Dan Moreno says:

Hey Terry I’ve been riding a unicycle my whole life and I was wondering if you knew of a place where I could try a 36er …I live in Long Beach Ca.  thx

Yongsik Kim says:

Thank you for the review..thank i should buy one..

John Volock says:

What brake is that on it? I don’t see one on and am curious


no seat twist!

Setonix Roo says:

I’m just jealous at how easily you handle the 36″. The 29″ feels like the right fit for me and free-mounting is easy enough, but the 36″ is still such a monster to me. I am about your height, and I watched your free-mounting tutorials, but it still feels so different from smaller wheels. The uni you show off here, really looks cool with the telescoping and not having to worry that the saddle twists to the side. But first I will try to get my hands on a geared 29″.

sz11sneaker says:

does that wormhole shipping cost extra?

Bijan Khosraviani says:

Do you use different crank lengths for trials, muni, road, etc.?

Stewart Stewart says:

I want it. I wanna blow my next paycheck on it.

Will Storc says:

Hey man your very inspirational. I haven’t gotten on my unicycle much the past few years and watching these videos makes me realize I need to get back on and get my ass in shape! This unicycle is on my wish list

Seb Baldwin says:

Great video, been watching your videos for ages now! I currently ride a Nimbus ISIS MUni, 24″ and have some videos up. I’ve been looking around on the internet for some info on foot positioning for unicycling in general and it seems to be relatively sparse. So far I’ve got that it varies depending on whether it’s trials, MUni or another discipline, but I was wondering whether you had your own personal view? Thanks in advance!

That Cuber Lady says:

I’m glad it’s a great uni, but if the cranks are bullet proof, I don’t think they’ll prevent anyone from getting shot. Good video! I’m 5’2″ but I’m still too scared to ride a unicycle that big…

CoolOne says:

Cool vid. Question: especially in a low seat position, do the thighs rub the wide fork of the upper frame?  Seems like there would be some rub as thighs are thick and the fork is wide to directly under the seat.  Thoughts?  Thanks, Terry et al. 

Kwong Sang Chan says:

Loving it!  I have to buy one!!!!!!

Granbanan says:


Pyrolonn says:

Great review.  I might look into something like this when I get more proficient (a LOT more).  I’m average height but my inseam less than typical for my height, great they make something for the shorter rider.

Zach Crennen says:

I really wish I could afford one of these

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