Ninebot One (UK) – First Ever Hands on and Ride!

Buy yours at – many have! You will not be disappointed!

We couldn’t wait to test ride the Ninebot One! None of us have ever ridden a single wheel electric vehicle before (although I must confess I have ridden a unicycle around 10 years ago a few times…..after many injuries of course!). It was amazing easy to pick up, and as you can see with just 10 minutes of riding I was ready to go out and ride for miles!

There are cheaper single wheel units out there – but they are inferior and no where near as good! You get what you pay for!

There are no jumps or stunts in this….unless you call falling off a stunt! lol ………

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العِلْمُ وَ الدِينِ says:

Neinbot One (DZ)

IBuyStuff says:

Should have worn elbow and knee pads at least.

Canal de Drák preepers says:

Very good friend, gradually you come away, Greetings

sleppy Naruto says:

it very cool but it gonna take some real balance and some gear not to kill yourself on it XD

heartbreakers lin says:

You were pretending that you didn’t know how to ride haha, CANT LIE WITH THE PRO

Akahito Tabuchi says:

Perngalaman pertama hahahaha

David Rosenblatt says:

So much more enjoyable — and informative — to watch this than to view a slick marketing video. Thanks!

xIxN00BxIx says:

Looks fun but that’s quite a bit of money and it’s still not as functional as my regular bike :-s.

l t says:

I’ve met u be4

Ave Deus says:

I’m confused, there’s around $250 difference between C+ and E+, which should I go, should I save some money by going with C+? The only difference is in mileage, speed is only a little bit.

hulkhatepunybanner says:

I got bored. Then I found another video. Then I came back to give it a thumbs down. (I think it’s the music.)

Gulongrider says:

Good old times 🙂

Y M says:

So much fun for just looking you playing this.

Jar jar Binks says:

Jesus Saves

aroundartHD says:

Mein Bizeps brennt

rolauk says:

It is fun to see your “first steps” on one of these today. Even the best was a beginner once. But really impressive that you were able to drive it after just 20 seconds – you are probably born to ride these machines. 🙂

EyecandyProductions says:

why this dude ridin a sideways Roomba?

Nuth34d says:

I really like the concept and the futuristic design, if you could make the next Ninebot go atleast 20MPH or around 30KMH i am sure to buy one ! Good job so far.

Shavaan Harrison says:

I got a ninebot onr

Drones and Electric Unicycles says:

Ian thanks for giving back to the community. You are doing a great job, I like your videos a lot

MineCakeChase says:

Have you ever tried riding with backpack that wieghs 5-10 pounds? If I am going to get to school on this I’ll need to be able to use a backpack.

Misbah Armani says:


indo toys and game says:

kalo mau main ini belajar main sepeda dulu trik lepas tanggan saya udah bisa gampang

Duck Gamingz//Roblox&More!!!! says:

ur a crap

Maree Cotterell says:

Great video! I’d love one of these and you’ve shown that it doesn’t take long at all to get the hang of it.

wohlki123 says:

I like it … *g*

CHAMP801FLO says:

he is trying to be weak and flop to create a more entertaining video. or this man is just feeble and malnourished.. jury is out.

Bruce Thomson says:

It gets top marks for compactness and portability if you don’t need to carry anything. I won’t switch from cycling because
– my carrier basket can, at a whim, carry five bags of groceries or other items.
– in blustery wind I can still ride the bicycle, but I suspect the Ninebot’s balancing system would not cope. Anyone know?
Bruce Thomson in New Zealand.

apb38 says:

Last thing I need is something I can bust my ass on. Looks like something I don’t want to own.

Ko St says:

ояебу какаяхня))

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