One Wheel “eBike” Self-balancing Scooter! SoloBike REVIEW

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This is the SoloBike, a one wheel self balancing “hoverboard” electric scooter/motorcycle/bicycle from Solocraft. Think of it like a seated electric unicycle. As you simply lean forward or back, it will accelerate or brake, keeping you balanced upright.

There’s just a little assembly required, slide on a few washers, and tighten down the handlebars. Handle bar grips are comfortable to hold for extended periods of time. One button on the side to power on and off. Four LED’s to indicate battery life. Inside is a 1,000 watt hub-motor, gyro stabilized. They say top rated distance is around 15-25 miles on a single charge (depending on many factors like rider weight, terrain, incline, etc.) I traveled over 7 miles in a single trip and only one LED light went down.

Design looks pretty cool and you’ll definitely turn heads wherever you go, it looks like a riding vehicle from the future! It’s semi-compact design, the pedals fold up, and can easily fit into the trunk of your car.

Learning to ride is “fairly” easy, you just need to put in a few hours of dedicated practice. I started out extremely wobbly in the beginning, only going a couple feet before having to rebalance or stabilize by placing my feet on the ground. Just keep going and going, and slowly you’ll go farther and farther. After a few hours of solid practice (on and off throughout a week), I finally got it. Making wide or tight turns, fast or slow are all now possible. I can weave and pivot much easier, and riding hands-free is my favorite. (Actually feels a bit easier too.) Allowing your hands to be free to text, fly a drone, make calls, GPS navigation, sip your morning coffee… endless possibilities. 🙂

A few wishlist items:
-The built-in Bluetooth wouldn’t connect to my Android devices, only iOS
-The hand grips tighten to the handlebars can be a bit fidgety, my right one cracked as I had to over tighten to lock it down. I was able to tweak and fix this
-The seat, though it’s well cushioned, can sometimes become wobbly forward and back and your bottom is constantly shifting weight around while riding. The bolt nuts, even though locked down, can still become slightly loose over time. A better way of attachment would be great.

Overall though, riding the Solobike is a lot of fun! It really feels like an electric vehicle from the future. It could be great for daily commuters around the city, town, or college campus.. or running to the grocery store and making some errands. Or simply a fun vehicle for just cruising around.

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Hustle Simmons says:

Man I want one but just the looks I know i’d get make me rethink it.

Aksels Nemme says:

How much is it, seems like a great transport/toy. Thank you Ben for this job!

Finn Green says:

can alws ys spot a contractor’s house

NeonSquad04 says:

Give it to me I’m worth it dadaduuunununa

Starguard ! says:

How much does something like this cost?

kntwing says:

i like it but down side its $999 some people can’t afford that.

Quadcopter 999 says:

Wow! Living here in London I could see that being a great tool for local transportation. Parking just outside your destination or taking it on a train. I want one! $1000 is a bit much for now though so I’ll have to wait till the early adopters have run their course and it comes in to my range at $500 (which I think would be about right).
Great video and showing how you picked up your skill level is really helpful. Well done and thanks.
Paul 🙂

Eric & Myles says:

You should do a review on the UPair One 4k drone

armaan sapra says:

is it easy to use???

Ghostbro Gaming says:

4th comment! xD

Shawn Benjamin says:

Thanks for replying

Rahat Tanvir says:

Please can you review the urbe black label foldable scooter Plz I beg

PandaNinja says:

It’s a better hover board

Kai Black says:

Thanks for acknowledging this is sponsored content. I like the cool products you share. Fun and interesting. But it is good to now when the product is paying for the content.. It’s good for us to know so we can continue to trust you!

Shawn Benjamin says:

Could you review the urbee

backyardflyer99 says:

Awesome review! Super cool scooter, if price comes down a bit, I’d have to look at getting one.

Saurav Suman says:

what would be the price in inr

Gulongrider says:

Its a great invention but sitting and having a handle infront of me while riding a one wheeled vehicle scares me lol

S.J.S productions says:

That’s soooooooo futuristic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want one!!!!!

nazeer mohd says:


isaias rosa says:

ughh I would love that to turn into a 2000w version!!!!.. Maybe 60v? intense fun!!

Rabie Charef says:


Nandan Bu says:

where do you give it when you have to get it serviced

Gaming Explosion says:

What drone do you use to record in this video?

Carmen T says:

it looks super fun

Kenneth Campbell says:

I’ve been so excited to see this video after you posted that teaser on IG. This is 1 of my top 5 products I’ve seen you review. It looks like so much fun (and a great ab workout)! It looks a bit bigger than I had anticipated – but that’s a bonus IMO. It’s compact, yet looks sturdy enough to lug around the big cities and hopping on the occasional train. Thanks for sharing! Kudos as usual!

Ben Cole says:

Do the wltoys a959 plz

ZERUS1648 says:

Nice review and excellent video!

When she gives the succ says:

Does your r4+ still work? I might get one for my 13th birthday and I want to know how reliable it is

Zac Orr says:

Love your vids

Mike _10 says:

Looks nice

Michael Vu says:

I’m surprised that there was still a learning curve to this for you since you already know how to ride a handleless electric unicycle. maybe it’s because your center of mass change from standing to seating was enough for the experience to not be the same?

Rollin Films says:

You sound a little less enthusiastic in this one… What’s wrong? : )

Enrico Uy says:

DUDE! I JUST GOT ONE TODAY! COINCIDENCE…. but it’s awesomeI would recommend it…

Wheel Cities Power Sports says:

Thinks guys’ awesome.. this product is 100% USA parts and warranty supported,

Mono Wheelist says:

Using a bicycle saddle which is specifically made to be compatible with pedalling is not quite the most ingenious design that I could think of.

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