ONE-Wheel Electric Scooter, Unicycle – REVIEW & TEST DRIVE IN 4K

One Wheel Scooter: (affiliate link)

Also known as: AirWheel, SBU (Self balancing unicycle), SoloWheel, MonoWheel, Ninebot, Twin Tires, etc.
Here’s my in-depth Unboxing, Review and Test Drive of the one wheel self balancing unicycle scooter. My overall thoughts:
it’s fun to ride, steeper learning curve than the 2-wheel scooter
(watch here:
v=ZxuiVJ27CEg ),
but can go Farther (15 miles), Faster (up 14mph), and All-Terrain!

One Wheel Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Scooter – Unboxing, Review, & Test Drive in 4K



Michael Vu says:

Good review. How are you electric unicycle skills now? And have you gotten a much better wheel like a gotway or kingsong yet?

chrinamint says:

Cool. I got mine…looks exactly like yours…from for just over $250. They’ll probably be having some Christmas sales also. And if you get the app on your phone, sometimes they have a discount for buying thru the app.

You definitely learned faster than I did! Ha! I’m still wobbly…but today I had an epiphany about foot placement, so when I heard you mention it near the end, I wanted to comment. I discovered that if I put my feet forward instead of where I had them, which was trying to keep them right in the center for whatever reason, I have tons more control, and it was SO much better! I’m going to try it on a real ride and see how much better I do with this new information. Keep ridin’!

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