Review: $50 Chinese eBay/Amazon Unicycles (first-person)

I’ve always wondered just what goes into one of these no-brand Chinese unicycles, so after tearing one apart and putting it back together I decided to give one a ride and a review.

Is it worth the cash or should you spend more on a reliable brand? Watch and find out.


Borehole Crick says:

Thanks for the vid. I bought one last week after watching your vid. This is my first unicycle and it’s pretty cool. I was up in the air if these were a a waste of $50., but for a beginner like me it works pretty good.

trexinvert says:

There are two types of beginners. One that will try it and quit right away(save yourself the pain!!!) the cheap ones are for you. I thought I’d do this, but I got hooked.
Second, those really determined who will fall/fall/fall….fall. We need a really solid construction/quality unicycle. Remember the wheel/frame must be twice as strong as a normal bicycle construction(which spreads your weight across two wheels and frame). We don’t want the damn seat turning from every little fall and resetting the cheap camlock for the seat post. Also, it’s annoying to keep tools around for constantly loosening cranks and pedals. We will take a lot of hard falls. We might even “hurl” the whole damn unicycle out of frustrations. If you start with a cheap one(like I did), you may eventually end up buying another unicycle(yup, did that).

trexinvert says:

Yup got a $50 green 24″ wheel uni. Problems? 1.) They “jammed” a 3/8-16 flange nut onto the M10 threaded crank axle, which repeatedly get’s loose even with red/green loctite. 2.) The outer tube tire wears quickly. 3.) The wheel is “creaky” due to badly installed spokes. Definitely not “trued/calibrated”. 4.) Noticed the spoke screw heads kinda poking into the inner rim surface. 5.) Seat has cracked/broken. 6.) the seat clamp mechanism is crap. After my learning transition abuse it’s a “throw away” but served its purpose. Next, get a quality Torker or even better Nimbus.

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