Self Balancing ONE-Wheel Electric Scooter, Unicycle – REVIEW (4K)

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New Improved Faster Model !!

Also known as: AirWheel, SBU (Self balancing unicycle), SoloWheel, MonoWheel, Ninebot, Twin Tires, Uniwheel, etc

Here’s my in-depth hands on review of a self balancing unicycle scooter. My overall thoughts: it’s a TON of fun to ride, steeper learning curve than the 2-wheel scooter (watch here: ), but can go Farther (15 miles), Faster (up 14mph), and All-Terrain!

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Bladeless Echo says:

looks uncomfortable 🙂

Jyotsna Sharma says:

do you still ride the hoverboard

Faris Alyafei says:


MrJSupreme26 says:

nice video! what do you think is the best unicycle to buy? I was looking at an Exorider earlier today.

francisco Mora Gonzalez says:

cool I want to get one too

francisco Mora Gonzalez says:

oops my bad

Electrician Dallas Tx says:

Thanks for the thoughts you have contributed here.

Tam Nguyen says:

great video

Gaming Insider says:

250 pounds!!!

injustice gamer says:

What are those!!!!!!

Sakiyah Kelly says:

Does it blow up

Raven Gaffud says:

i want buy thus this is my wish in my life and beats

samhailes says:


Troll God says:

What doesn’t this thing do??

gozgaz1 says:

in case the battery wears out, is there a replacement?

Eboney Lindsey says:

can you buy me one

Faris Alyafei says:



ive learned how to ride a REAL unicycle…

Browningate says:

This seems lazy, yet awesome at the same time. The concept of a mo-ped unicycle is absolutely brilliant and you’d never have to worry about parking again. They just need a more powerful gas engine on that thing.

khalil saman says:

That’s is awesome

Akahito Tabuchi says:

thx guys for review!!

Perk Cartel says:

Take my money!

ItzWaffle says:

I want one it’s really convenient

FC Bayern Freak says:

where do i get this?

Aneela Khan says:


נפצים ישראל says:


francisco Mora Gonzalez says:

could it get on fire or anything if overcharged


I want to know all the parts and power which are used

awesomeness coolio says:

motor sorry

Simonzawislan Szymonek says:

how many does it cost

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