Swagtron SwagRoller hands-on: Rolling in style

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We take the funky new SwagRoller for a ride. Worth the $400 price tag?


Marybelle Cruz says:

i got one i bought it $399 i use the training wheels coz i can stand up without falling but i can use also without; pros: its fun to use easy to ride and it has a speaker. cons: the body easily scratched, use only in flat areas.

XxxDez says:

Do i know u

XxxDez says:

John velasco?

sponge720 says:

Thanks for this vid.

Kuncen RIG says:

And uh.. How could i subs to dis channel? Lul

Adhish Man Shrestha says:


Rich Laue says:

I have a different brand of an SBU and have ridden unicycles for 50 years. I was surprised that after 5 minutes I was able to free mount.

Matthew Allison says:

Is the channel profitable yet?

XxxDez says:

Do u know my dad seferino velasco and my mom rebecca vargas

Sasha Nealand says:

oh my god! scratches and smudges! millenials are so sicko

Hilbert Faust says:

Wanted to buy but i am very clumsy so i will get their scooter or bike

Daniel Martynovich says:

I have an electric unicycle called the Gotway ACM and it is like the Swagroller on steroids. The gotway has a top speed of 27 mph and has a range of over 50 miles! It’s freaking awesome.

Don Berry says:

Im 70 but skate ice and roller. Water and snow ski. I wonder if i can adapt. I can use it for local trips, i like the idea. Wish me luck, please.

Hilbert Faust says:

I want to buy one for fun and to use whenever I go to a boring trip to tanger outlets etc, is it recommended since I have seen some negative reviews

CookieMilkshake says:

um I bought it how do u control?!

Matthew Allison says:


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